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  1. Who is it at Adobe that you’d like to hear your message?

    From what I remember of the issue there was an audio function which changed at some version of Player. I don’t remember whether it was available in any release versions, or just pre-release builds.

    I’d have to hunt among the links to find the best representation of the request. (The above graphic is a link, but requests “dynamic audio control”, which could be interpreted a few different ways.)

    Do you see any way I can help?

    Later: Ah, a link from the linked page has a lengthy history:

    Would I be correct in understanding the request as “I want Adobe Flash Player to be able to seamlessly start a second sound via ActionScript once my script has been notified that the first sound has finished”?

    If I pulled the correct request out of the history, then from what I know of how varied systems’ audio architectures work, it would be difficult. The audio driver is emptied, it notifies Player, Player generates an internal ActionScript event, which is then found and handled, possibly requesting a new file, and if so ActionScript then requests that system audio blend in the requested file. Run it within different browser environments, and that communication might result in a perceptible gap between one sound ending and the next starting.

    … hmm, but on re-reading that linked-at-two-removes history, there’s a part about Vista making things worse. Now I’m not sure that I focused on the right part of the history.

    I can’t pass along “Please fix onSoundComplete” because people would rightfully ask questions back at me. But I’m not sure exactly what to personally ask for. Can you make the request more concise, more direct, more readily understandable?

    tx, jd/adobe

  2. You are right, that the current website is actually requesting new features. I will make it more clear in the next days, what we need immediately.

    However, the base of our request is located in the issue, that the SOUND_COMPLETE event has become very unstable since Flash8 and worse Flash9. It isn’t usefull anymore to sync sound objects as before since Flash6.

    Beside, I have to say that a lot of people from Adobe contacted me a lot of times, asking “How can I help”. I answered everytime and layed down the issues. However after that, the conversation went off.

    That’s why we started this campaign. We need you to take the problem more seriously. We naturally want more. But one step at the time. For now, please fix the stability of the SOUND_COMPLETE event. A lot of applications are working with that event.

    This is not an act of blame, we just care…

  3. Let’s hope that they listen this time! It’s amazing what you’ve accomplished WITHOUT decent sound access in Flash (until the onSoundComplete fiasco) – I can’t imagine what you’ll manage to do when they add give us real sound access…

    I just published a little experiment I did after your session at FitC:


    Thanks for the inspiration and the popforge library :D

  4. John, there are a lot of people waiting a lot from adoe about sound. Flash game developers are looking foward a natively supported .mod format.

    André has made a great implementation of a .mod player using the SOUND_COMPLETE event. The last version of Flash 9 has ruined this work. What a deception.

  5. Sorry, I’m out of here. One of your emails got forwarded around internally, and now I’m not sure how many attempts there are currently to boil things down into an actionable request.


  6. [tried posting this yesterday but site was down – made more sense then]

    I hear you loud and clear.

    You have been a shining light in the Flash community over the years and it would be a shame to lose such a pioneer.

    Come on Adobe, speak up!

  7. Andre …
    Can there be another way?

    I am not familiar with your implementation. I assume you use Loader.loadBytes() to create a fake SWF containing WAV data.

    But what if you also progressively generate the byte data for the raw timeline of the fake SWF, and insert the WAV samples directly into every 12th frame of that fake SWF?

    Then Flash’s animation runtime will be used to play your audio samples, rather than ActionScript which always has a delay. I think the animation runtime has perfectly synchronized audio playback of multiple samples as a feature, doesn’t it? or am I mistaken! But I watch any Flash cartoon animation, and the audio samples are always perfectly synched to the frame rate, because the audio was inserted into the timeline (not by ActionScript)!

    (btw – not only Microsoft Vista – 8bitboy always had some peculiar delays on Mac OS X, in each Flash 9 version!!)

    So maybe the key is to manufacture a more complex SWF to send through to Loader.loadBytes()??

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