Flash on Tap postponed – Still coming to Boston for FDT Roadshow

Flash on Tap is rescheduled on next year. However the powerflasher guys let me fly to Boston for their FDT World Roadshow Prelude. So after canceling the actual conference in the last minute a new conference is born in no time. I am pretty sure, it will turn out best.

Welcome to the FDT World Roadshow Prelude!

We’re going to kick off in Boston on october 7th, 2008. We will host a free (!) half day event and invite every Flashcoder to show-up and meet with the FDT professionals. The first „Headline-Speaker“ is confirmed: We are bringing André Michelle with us, a true FDT friend, a Flash-Hero, and he will talk about the most recent developments about his „Hobnox-Audiotool“.