FOTB08 Sildes and Sources

Back in Germany, where it is much colder than in Brighton, I compiled the sources and slides as promised. Thanks everyone, who attended my session and for the overall good feedback on our work at Hobnox. It was a amazing experience to have a talk in The Dome. I also enjoyed a lot of other sessions. Flash on the Beach has become one of my favorite conference.

by fintbo
Picture taken by fintbo

Special thanks to James Paterson for entertaining my little daughter. I am sure, that hasn’t been his intention, but it worked out best ;)

Feel invited to use the source as an entry point for audio programming in Actionscript and post your results somewhere, so we can all enjoy.

Flash on the Beach 2008 – Slides | Sources

BTW: If you have questions, please post them in a forum and send me the link. I may not be able to answer, but if I do (and know a solution) everyone should be able to get it.

11 thoughts on “FOTB08 Sildes and Sources”

  1. Hi Andre,

    Thanks for putting the effort in to produce such a comprehensive session and also for the source.

    I’m sure i’ll have a bunch of questions v.soon.

    Best regards

  2. thanks for the source. your presentation was great. i loved to listen to the different waveforms. i hope to have time to play with it!

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