Fur like renderings

About 2 years ago I created a little SWF that generated cute little ‘fur balls’. I didn’t pay a lot of attention on this, moved to other stuff and lost it anywhere on a backup disk (not recovered yet). There was so much to discover in Actionscript 3.0 these days!
Last weekend I remembered and did some tests. It is actually quite simple. Move a lot of (millions!) particles and trace their path with a color. I am pretty sure, that software like Maya or several Photoshop plugins can do this as well. And probably much faster! Most of those tests below required hours of rendering. Anyway, I like the outcome of these three so far.

Flash Logo
Hobnox Logo
My Pixel counterpart

Flickr – Fur Collection

Make sure to watch them in 100%

29 thoughts on “Fur like renderings”

  1. Very nice, particularly the Hobnox logo. What sort of rules did you use to govern the motion of each particle (direction, distance, etc.)?

  2. Looks great! Also, fantastic job on Hobnox – I’ve had a blast playing with it. =)

    Now if only we could do live capture from a line-in natively in flash we could make a multi-track recorder too!

  3. wow! “My pixel counterpart” looks the most realistic (imo), probably as it’s the most subtle… Looks just like the texture of a cowskin we’ve got under our dining table. Is there some “lighting” involved, or are the “seeds” for these hairs selected with some random value appended to the color picked from the image?

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