Hobnox AudioTool Guided Tour (Video)

Finally we released our first video tutorial for the Hobnox AudioTool. You get a basic introduction of all devices and the desktop, where all comes together.

At this very moment I can spread around 25 invitation. So leave a comment with a valid email address and get started! And be so kind and fill out your profile, I like to know who you are.
Registration or invitation isn’t required anymore!

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35 thoughts on “Hobnox AudioTool Guided Tour (Video)”

  1. I’d love to have a test drive. Still can’t believe what’s being done with Flash. Hope Adobe hear you regarding the dynamic audio features you’re after. Is there any more info somewhere online on what these problems actually are?

  2. Andre:
    I love your work, I’m even using popforge (I’ll tell you more when I can show you). I’m very interested in your audiotool project, and that demo makes it seem impressing.
    I’d love to help you test it.

  3. I can’t believe you are creating Reason inside Flash! This work looks amazing from the video preview; can’t wait to get my hands on it for a mix :)

  4. This looks very exciting!
    I’ve been working on a basic flash drum-machine and MPC style app recently and am very keen to try this out. Keep up the good work. L.

  5. Hi,
    arbeite mich derzeit in AS3 ein, und hab schon bissl was mit Reason gemacht. Würd mich dementsprechend wahnsinnig interessieren wie man die beiden Sachen bei euch zusammen gebracht hat.

    gruß aus Dortmund

  6. It think it’s safe to say this is one of the absolutely most impressive apps made using Flash technology. The amount of work put into this almost scares me. Brilliant!

  7. well, i’m very impressed. i’ve spent quite a while on the audiotool application, and it’s to hard for me, i must say. i’m still experimenting with all the options, and i’m waiting for my dj friend, maybe she’ll work something out :)
    and congratulations for putting sounds together without onsoundcomlete, when i had that problem, i’ve written system for looping tracks based on processor usage during the animation.
    hope you’ll change something :)

  8. Sounds VERY exiting, as I’m a musiscian and a programmer. Would love to be invited and test the software!

    – Lau

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