Hobnox AudioTool Update

We finally released an update on our cute Flash audio application – AudioTool Demo.
As promised we’ve added an emulation of the famous Roland TR808. Besides you’ll find a new bitcrusher effect and a compressor with optional sidechain input.

For a better workflow we’ve added new buttons in the controlbar as undo/redo, three zoom states and a lock button to avoid accidental displacement of the editors.

It is still a demo, which means you cannot save your set. This is the most wanted feature we will address in the next update. A timeline to arrange modulation and pattern changes over time is in development too. Stay tuned!

15 thoughts on “Hobnox AudioTool Update”

  1. This is what I get on 9.0.124. Firefox XP

    ReferenceError: Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property parameterMasterLevel on com.hobnox.plugins.processors.tr909.TR909.
    at com.hobnox.plugins.processors.trX0X::TRX0X()
    at com.hobnox.plugins.processors.tr909::TR909()
    at com.hobnox.audio.application.desktop::Desktop/readFormat()
    at com.hobnox.audio.application.setup::SetupOnline/createFromFile()
    at com.hobnox.audio.application.setup::SetupOnline/initSetup()
    at com.hobnox.audio.application::Application/initGUI()
    at com.hobnox.audio.application::Application/addedToStage()
    at flash.display::DisplayObjectContainer/addChild()
    at Main/initApplication()
    at splash::SplashScreen/onClick()

  2. That’s pretty stunning. Now I see why you’re always on Adobe to get their act together with Flash audio.

    I’m very impressed with the authenticity of the graphics, as well.

  3. no bugs for me! everything’s excellent. best as components i’ve ever seen!

    it just delays a bit when changing to 1:1 zoom.

    (i run wXP_pro_sp2 – Firefox/

  4. Flash player 10.
    Dynamic Sound Generation — Dynamic sound generation extends the Sound class to play back dynamically created audio content through the use of an event listener on the Sound object.


  5. Hey Andre,

    Amazing! I’m totally blown away. This question may seem a little superflous, but how are you creating the logic for the cables, i.e. they seem to be using a path finding script to weave their way around objects. Any pointers as to how this is done?

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