Hobnox AudioTool

Finally you won’t need an invitation or register anymore to play with the Hobnox AudioTool Demo. The next update is scheduled in 2 weeks, bringing the TR-808 and some new effect devices to the stage. Also good news: Martin Heidegger has joined the team. You may remember the opensource framework a2lib he was working on with Simon Wacker. Joining forces for the greatest Flash application I can imagine. If you havn’t tested it yet give it a try now!

As a side note. We needed to change the domain name of our campaign Adobe, MAKE SOME NOISE. If you linked to our website please update the URL to http://www.make-some-noise.info.

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5 thoughts on “Hobnox AudioTool”

  1. Nice and friendly tool )

    Want more instruments ))
    It would be great to have a kind of pattern sequencer with ability to save a track )

  2. hallo,

    irgendwie sind die ressourchen schnell voll und er zeigt mir “clipping” an.


    freu mich aber darauf, bald abspeichern zu können.

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