No freelance work anymore – as long as I hope to

I have given up my freelance status right now. I have been employed at hobnox, where we are currently building an audio application, which definitely is the most ass-kicking stuff, I could ever build. I said that before? Well, you can test it for yourself in the end of february. We will launch a teaser application to have some fun without all features we have in mind. Damm – I wish I could show you right now. Amazing graphics, great dynamic signal flow with cables, awesome sound. Enough superlatives. Unfortunately, we still have issues with the onSoundComplete event, which really troubles me. Some of you won’t have the experience, we have. However, this project is reliable for a long period, where we consistently add new features. Hopefully we will get some reliable sound features within an upcoming flashplayer version.

Another part of my new job is to lead the flash development team. It’s a great team working on several projects and I feel very comfortable with the new responsebilities knowing the skill of all developers. I am a lucky guy!

6 thoughts on “No freelance work anymore – as long as I hope to”

  1. Nothings better than to have a solid project, team and position. You are a lucky guy.

    I’ll be working with similar audio techniques soon for MusicRain sheet music. I’ve been following the issue with the onSoundComplete event but I wonder if it’s less of an issue. I think you’re using it as a timer to know when to stack up the next section of audio bytes into the stream. I didn’t want to mention this in your previous post in the off-chance that Adobe would use it as an excuse not to fix a bug, but wouldn’t it work just as well to execute the build via setInterval? As long as you’re evaluating often enough it shouldn’t hurt the end result of a continuous stream, since you’re preemptively generating the buffer anyway.

    Are you looking for any skilled contributers on the OS project? I’d really like to get a working solution for our own product.

  2. Andre , love your work , any ideas when we could see your teaser id love to test for your musical works , if you should need any testers, i put my hand up..


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