Official feature request – audio synthesis in Flash – Vote for it!

We created an official feature request on the new Adobe public bugbase.

Please register and vote for the request. They will listen!

Actionscript 3.0 is fast enough to synthesize audio data in runtime, which is great and well appreciated. However it is not possible to pass the audio data to the sound card in a native way.

There are several workarounds out there to provide this, to name a few…

These are not more than hacks. They create SWFs on the fly with small portions of generated audio material and start those on the SOUND_COMPLETE event. Since this event has become very unstable, especially on Windows Vista, we are looking for a more professional approach. In most audio applications, a small buffer size is rendered and send to the sound card for playback. It is on the sound card to start the buffer seamlessly after the previously buffer has been played.

We suggest an event which asked for more audio data, when the sound card is about to run out of data. We simply would add enough new rendered audio material to the ByteStream.

Such a feature would provide us the most reliable dynamic audio output. It is not required to have a high-level API at this time (Regarding FP10). I am sure the Flash-community will provide several frameworks for pitching, filtering, equalizing sounds in no time. It also would be nice to get audio data from a current Sound object in small portions like MP3. We could manipulate the sound in various ways.

Luckily it should not restrict the sound handling of Flash in upcoming versions or environments, since this is a very basic functionality.

Besides there is a website communicating this issue:
(You’ll find there several projects synthesizing audio in runtime, despite of the mentioned problems)

Please vote for this feature. You will be happy, if it will be provided in FlashPlayer 10, even you do not use it for yourself!

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  1. i tried to vote but no luck.
    after getting an accout there, adobe told me:
    You do not have a permission to log in. If you think this is incorrect, please contact the administrators.

    so, fuck that. makles it pretty hard to vote for anything…

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