TB-303 new emulation testdrive

Just a quick snapshot with a TB-303 and a TR-808 creating a monotone acid track to check the new 303 emulation code. I spent more time to get the accent system better integrated, which is one of the most popular features in the 303 sound. The accent is riding in at about 2:10min. This is the most I can provide without doing heavy analysis of the circuits and measuring. I think it is pretty close. However I have the real thing next to me… Wooaaaooow!

TB-303 The real thing
Need to do some measuring and analysis ;)

9 thoughts on “TB-303 new emulation testdrive”

  1. Sascha:
    I had some email conversation with Mike von AudioRealism. He answered a lot of my questions about the filter architecture and envelopes of the TB-303. I agree, his emulation is unbelievable close to the original, though every 303 is a bit different. My 303 is one of the first leaving the factory, it has a unusual high resonance and sounds pretty dirty – which is good ;)


  2. whoao !!!!
    This is really cool, have you thought about putting a Propellerheads Rebirth file reader (RBS). That would be absolutely cool.
    Have you thought about creating a tracker for flash wow, another really cool idea.

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