7 thoughts on “Tinic Uro – You Rock!”

  1. I don´t get it, i mean its cool one can dynamically create sounds in less hacky way but i don´t get why its a reason to celebrate when Tinic says onSoundComplete will be even less reliable now with the new player than it was before.
    I think way more people would have use often for a reliable onSoundComplete event than creating sounds at runtime.
    But yeah,bring the hype on.

  2. Andre or Joa, do you have some books (English ones) or links you recommend to start to play with sounds ?

  3. @ tomsamson: “less hacky”? Adobe implemented a low level api for generating sounds at run time. As a result you don’t need to use onSoundComplete to create the ‘ring buffer’ the the ‘hack’ relied upon; the buffer will request more sound-data as and when it needs it. Tinc explains it in his article, have a read.

  4. thanks,i foyu read my comment i actually read Tinic´s comment hence why i referred to it. The new functionalities added are nice but essentially mostly useful when creating sound at runtime, not just playing it back,using the new api when just playing back sound would be hacky by itself. Hence yeah,for usual sound playback it would be good to have a working onSoundComplete and that´s why i moan its not fixed but made worse.

  5. WE need to vote again :) https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FP-247

    I realy hope we can have USB communication in AIR and Flash Player :)

    I can imagine many different type of applications which can communicate with different devices connected over USB, atleast my phone (over bluetooth or cable)…

    It would be great if AIR and Flash player can have USB API for those things, so that we (developers) are not forced to write socket-servers and take care of installation etc..

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