Boing Bumm Tschak!

Long time no update. Long time being sick. I even had to cancel Adobe MAX and FITC Tokyo last week to cure my persistent cold. What a bummer! I am sorry for those who were looking forward to see my session. That sucks. I hope to get another chance to come to Japan in time.

Anyway I am getting back to work and I am looking forward now to FITC Amsterdam.

Btw: Have you seen this?

4 thoughts on “Boing Bumm Tschak!”

  1. This is as3-controlled multitouch integrated with Hobnox audio tool, I haven’t got a chance to see it before and this is absolutely cool.

    Let the power fall on you (and your devices), Andre!

  2. Are you sure this is multitouch? I don’t think so because you can see the mouse cursor following the first finger.
    Moreover, what kind of screen would it be? Multitouch fit screens are very very expensive and hard to find.

    Have a look to “reactable” on YouTube, a lot better, and multitouch for sure ;)

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