Eclipse plugins you need

Catchy title, worth to consider. While working on the AudioTool, we are continuously searching for better workflows. Joa Ebert has written two plugins for Eclipse that helps us a lot to deal with such a huge project.

To make it clear: I don’t love Eclipse. It is still a love-hate relationship and I am often fighting against its philosophy. So far, nothing comparable platform-independent in sight.

MetaLaunch (free)
If your project consists of a bunch of SWCs, you often want to compile them first and your application afterward. Use MetaLaunch to launch several Eclipse launchers from a list.

PBDT – PixelBender Development Tool (free)
Adobe PixelBender Toolkit is not event worth to consider as a code editor, I am afraid. PBDT instead supports semantic highlightning and basic refactoring for your PixelBender shader source code. It even compiles your code in the background. This gives you a very nice workflow in developing shaders.

FDT – Flash Development Tool
Not to forget the sophisticated Actionscript development tool by powerflasher. People often think, you need to be an expert in Actionscript to get benefit from it and still prefer to use the Flash IDE. On the contrary, using FDT helps you learning AS3 with tons of useful features.

12 thoughts on “Eclipse plugins you need”

  1. Last week I tried Netbeans on Ubuntu with Flexbeans. It is a lot faster than Eclipse. Cons: Flexbeans is version 1, without syntax highlighting, code-completion and good Flex compiler options.
    But it looks promising!

  2. love-hate relationship … says it pretty well! but luckily it’s more ‘love’ for me recently although Eclipse (or ultimately Java) is still an abysmal resource hog!

  3. Joas PlugIns are amazing – great job. We have also build an Eclipse PlugIn called Zarkov. It’s a compiler Wraper to simplify compiler tasks. It features ant taskdefinitions with autocompletion for every compilertask. Maybe you want to give it a try:

  4. FDT does have the //TODO:

    In fact it’s #14 on my “Tips for Editing…” blog post.
    Neverheard of MetaLaunch, could you elaborate on a workflow with it please? How is it differnet from running a pre-ANT task to compile stuff?

  5. Hi Andre!

    Since FDT is able to do MXML now, using it really saved time !! :-)

    Thanks for pointing out MetaLunch, I didn’t know that before..


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