FITC Amsterdam Source Codes

Still in Amsterdam, but enough time for my flight back to Germany to post the source codes from my session. Good conference! But what is up in Amsterdam at night? Ralph Hauwert did everything yesterday to get us in another location after the official FITC party was closed. However we messed up in different directions, where KP & I decided to head back to our hotels. Late enough, fair enough.

Now check out the sources. | And/or check the AudioTool itself.

9 thoughts on “FITC Amsterdam Source Codes”

  1. Yeah, Amsterdam at night during the week is not that special, in my opinion. Unless you know where to go! And if visiting for one night thats not so handy. The “normal” pubs are closing around 1h00!
    Anyway, great conference.

  2. pounding presentation, awesome work, great to see at fitc. you and your machine, all together ;B

    too bad people where too stoned during fitc, I guess next time there will be a workshop how to stand still and clap nice work after some joints.

    keep it up (:

  3. Hi André! Got a very dummy question. I tried to make a thing in Flex according to AudioTool source like this:

    import Application;

    var ap:Application = new Application();

    Flex says: 1084: var ‘ap’ will be scoped to the default namespace: AudioSandBox: internal. It will not be visible outside of this package. AudioSandBox/src AudioSandBox.mxml line 6

    And nothing was happened.
    Well, how can I use your code in flex builder?

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