Flash on tap, Flashbelt and a tiny insight of the states

Coming back from two weeks of traveling through the states with my co-worker Alan Ross. Starting in Boston, we attended Flash on Tap, where I spoke about Digital Audio Signal Processing in Flash10. FOT was great and the beer-tastings were delightful. A lot of local breweries shown up to present their beers. Cheers! Looking forward for next year. Thanks to Chris, Rebecca and the rest of the team!

My favorite session was Keith Peters (Bit-101), presenting fractals and hence philosophical views on the structure we are surrounded. Just great.

Afterwards we went by train to New York Manhattan, Harlem. Well, I have never been to NY, so it blowed my mind. There is maybe no better place to study the goings-on from human-beings in form of architecture, transportation and culture. We also visited the guys from BigSpaceShip, who are lucky having their office very close to the Brooklyn Bridge. After loosing a match in Fussball on their – for us – unorthodox table (three goal keeper in the last row?) and a very close lost of a ping-pong match (Damn it!), we left to the airport for Detroit.

We then had a long travel over the days to Minneapolis. Detroit, Lake Michigan, Chicago. We discovered nice places like Silver Lake, where we found beautiful houses to sell, direct to the lake. Looked like a place to retire, which of course will never happen, right?

Finally we arrived at Flashbelt. Dave Schroeder is a cordial host and we had a great time hanging around with parties, bicycle ride and what not. Especially the last evening is burned in my memory as one of the funniest evenings, I ever had at a conference. The conference itself was the best of Flashbelt, which is very hard to say when thinking of last year.

Pictures taken by Alan Ross: Set 1|2

Ralph Hauwert‘s session really showed me how personal and technical views can be combined in a single hour. Even I am not into 3D-programming anymore, I loved his mixture of telling his story, why he is into programming while also providing technical insights.

I won’t go into details of Hoss session and its never breaking up discussion on blogs and twitter. I just think, this is not a gender issue, more a culture thing. I cannot believe that something like this would have been even noticed in Europe. The only thing, that bothers me, that the discussion may have bad influence on Flashbelt itself. Well, I am pretty sure, that Dave will handle this and I would like to see Hoss invited next year as well!

So what? Flash on the beach is next! Hunt tickets!

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  1. I’m glad that Dave has taken this in stride and dealt with it accordingly. I had a great time at Flashbelt, and really enjoyed your session on audio. I can only hope the bad press hasn’t affected the possibility of it happening next year.

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