The amazing ride of ToneMatrix

I visited the Frankfurter Musikmesse 2 weeks ago and played with the Yamaha TENORI-ON. I thought, it would be much nicer when the triggered notes would force a wavemap to oscillate. It took me just a few hours to implement. The sound generation is basically a polyphone synthesizer with a simple delay with a variing read-offset to make the tones vibrating in the end. I am already addicted for myself to the cute sequences it always generates.

After uploading it on my laboratory the run began. I am counting more than 250.000 impressions, endless feedback, suggestions and even videos on Youtube. I will definitely put the sequencer in our AudioTool. But don’t expect an update before autumn. We are trying to make 1.0 a serious music application with sequencing, automation, modulation, audio-tracks, synthesizers and what not. So there is no time to enhance this little toy. But I have added at least Clipboard support to let you save your pattern to sequence of numbers. Unfortunately the audio output is very glitchy when the context-menu is running.

Audio is the next big thing in Flash.

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216 thoughts on “The amazing ride of ToneMatrix”

  1. this is absolutely awesome. amazing work. just wondering what could be the applications this could be used for. really cool.

  2. Wonderful… Amazing. This tool has lots of potential, and is also quite fun.

    One feature request I would like to make: Exporting any creation as an MP3, OGG, WAV, or any such audio format.

    Well done, keep up the good work.

  3. Shit… i never thought it will be so good

    try this composition


  4. Hey, really love the simplicity and elegance of this little flash program… I really love that wavemap touch by the way… it adds visual interest to the aural output… Clever use of the pentatonic..

    It’s be pretty cool if we could have changing colours as well, but i’m being nitpicky… it’s great as it is!

  5. Hey I was thinking if you took this a step further, you could make something thaat let you load a picture that was displayed at low rez, reach pixel being a tone, and a tone woupld play for each pixel, maybe each pixel individually or each row as a uniqe tone, the tone would be calculated based on intensity of the color of each pixel. each pixel would be a large box, small enough to display the picture but not so small as to be un manageable.

    Like a way to turn a picture into music.

    I’m sure I’m not describing the idea clearly but I think you get the basic concept.

    Might be fun to see what our favorite photos sound like.

  6. Hi !
    This is a winner !
    My 5 year old has to be prised off PC to get dressed for school and my class (6/7 year olds) were fascinated to find out what their “initials” “sounded” like !

    Can I adjust the tempo in any way?
    I ask because it would be fab to teach this aspect of composing, too !

  7. Such a great job ! this is simply amazing !
    Thank you so much for bringing this to us !!

  8. Could you make a 32-step or 64-step version?

    This is fun to play with and I would love to be able to make longer sequences.

  9. ToneMatrix is ingenious, it’s so much fun. I’d also love to make longer sequences.
    Thanks for publicizing this.

  10. if you could make this a cell phone app that outputs a ring tone… you’d be king of the world!

  11. I’ve been drawing names and initials on the matrix. Simple and delightful way to musify your name. This is the letter Q
    What a great app. Thanks!

  12. The great Stephen Fry


  13. Excellent, very useful instrument! greatly looking forward to 1.0 music application, any timescale?

  14. could you please implement this a VST sometime in future? it really is an amazing piece of work.

  15. Another one:

  16. I like it so much!

    I would like if you have any aplication of tonematrix to download and to install in the computer (mac).-

    thanks and congratulations!

  17. I just impressed myself.

  18. cant get over how fun this is, but i wish it was 64 beats long instead of 16 !


  19. It’s me Mario!


  20. Here is,
    “March of the Elephants Under a Fireworks Sky”



  21. too adictive!! be good to have it on mobile phone.
    here is my 2 cents:

  22. this is awesome! thanks for the entertainment.
    :) it’s also fun listening to everyone’s stuff

  23. can we do it with colours?

  24. I want to take this to burning man as a projection piece!!! Is there a way to get it to run full screen? Please email me if you can help.

  25. I would love to have this on my iPod Touch. Please, if it’s no inconvinient make this for the iPod and on the day of the release make it free so I can download it, then charge $.99. I have no money to spend anymore.

  26. Patterns and symetries..












    And a little minimal..

    It is amazing the beauty of the sound.
    Andre.. bravo again for this great project.

  27. wow..
    I just saw my browser’s history..
    03:45 i saw a video on you tube with tonematrix (i was searching for tenorion)
    after a while.. around 4 i was on Andre’s project site. The time now is 7:30 in the morning! haahah
    Andre? Did I tell you..? Braavo! :-)

  28. this is sooo much fun. it can bring out the creativity in anyone–especially if you’re not musically inclined. I want to save my own master pieces as well, so how is it done?

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