Trip to the states Flash on Tap & Flashbelt

Time flies! Yet two weeks and I am heading towards Boston to speak at Flash on tap.
Lucky me, Flashbelt in just one week ahead then. Thus I decided to stay in the states and try to find a way from Boston to Minneapolis with my colleague Alan Ross. It is more than 2.000 km, so I am pretty sure, there are a lot of things that we should visit on our way.
(Any suggestion where to rent a car for the trip?)

We are free for proposals. I am personally more interested in nature than visiting big American cities, but if you live nearby our route and offer food and accommodation we could hang around for some beers and chat.

5 thoughts on “Trip to the states Flash on Tap & Flashbelt”

  1. Hi Andre,
    Sounds like you’re going to have some good times ahead!
    I felt I had to reply on your question where to rent a car. Well, I can only advice you where NOT to rent a car. I’m from Europe and went last year to America for a 3 week vacation, where I rent a car from Budget. However, they are playing a dirty game and charge you in euro’s at a quite positive exchange rate for them. This resulted in paying 100 euro’s more compared to a charge in dollars on my credit card.
    So never, ever rent a car from Budget!

    Enjoy your trip!


  2. I usually rent from Enterprise, but that’s just because it’s convenient for me with one of their locations so close to my home.

    I look forward to seeing you at Flash On Tap. I’ll be writing and article on it for, so I hope I get a chance to have a beer with you at some point.

  3. Hey Andre,
    I also recommend Enterprise… Also, My home is sort of on your way. Need a place to rest or get some drinks between Chicago and Minneapolis? Contact me. chadudell [@]

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