Flash on the Beach – Audio Workshop Sold Out!

John told me today that my workshop Audio Code Clash is already sold out! Great!

This will be some conference and I will also have my session Pulsatile Crackle!
I am really excited about all this. If you don’t have tickets yet, go sack them quickly. I am pretty sure, that they are leaving John’s hands right away.

Also, John was asking me how I find myself being Marilynized.
Ah! That’s it! Marilynized! Hell yes, I like that ;) That’s what makes FOTB so special, right?

4 thoughts on “Flash on the Beach – Audio Workshop Sold Out!”

  1. Hey dude, I’ve have attended all your sessions in Brighton (FOTB) since 2007 when you came with the crazy idea of loading a SWF created on the fly through a bytearray, injecting a Sound object in… that was genius!! amazing work! but man! this year 2010 it was SOLD OUT soooo quick, I couldn’t buy tickets for Sunday, I think this is the first time you are speaking on Sunday, isn’t it? you’re opening!! great… I’m afraid this year I won’t be able to see your session, snif, snif, snif :( that’s sad. But at least I will be on Tuesday attending your friend’s session (joa ebert), cheers! I’m always looking forward to see your work.

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