Audiotool 1.0 (sound preview)

We are coming closer to the release. Still a long todo-list, but I see light. While developing the last months, I sometimes completely forgot, what we are actually building. This morning I decided to play around for half an hour to test the usability, sounding and performance. Despite the new complex features like the sequencer … Continue reading “Audiotool 1.0 (sound preview)”

ToneMatrix arrived in Hobnox AudioTool

Okay, we did it. The same simple ToneMatrix is now implemented in the Hobnox AudioTool. To be honest, I wish we had more time to add more features to it, but at least you can mix now the little cute toy with drumcomputers, the bassline and add a couple of effects. Furthermore, as a registered … Continue reading “ToneMatrix arrived in Hobnox AudioTool”

Hobnox AudioTool update out of the oven

Wheeeee! We are on. Excited! DAMN!!! The latency is way off with the latest Flash Player 10. I am so disappointed! Update Well, this is a weird consequence of Adobe not informing developers when things have changed. I will make a detailed blog post on this next days. In fact, the latency is great somehow … Continue reading “Hobnox AudioTool update out of the oven”

Hobnox AudioTool Update ahead

Hobnox announcement The news have been floating within team Hobnox for some time now and we can finally announce the news about the update of the Audiotool Beta that we’re about to roll out in the upcoming days. We’re still waiting for Adobe to release the new Flash Player but will share the details with … Continue reading “Hobnox AudioTool Update ahead”

First AudioTool live recorded, Vorbis encoded session

We were not sure if this ever gonna work. In about 4 days we ported more than 30.000 lines code of a Java Vorbis Encoder to AS3. We came across several issues when AS3 code is behaving completely different from Java code. Debugging code, you cannot understand is a pain in the ass! However, we … Continue reading “First AudioTool live recorded, Vorbis encoded session”

Hobnox AudioTool Update

We finally released an update on our cute Flash audio application – AudioTool Demo. As promised we’ve added an emulation of the famous Roland TR808. Besides you’ll find a new bitcrusher effect and a compressor with optional sidechain input. For a better workflow we’ve added new buttons in the controlbar as undo/redo, three zoom states … Continue reading “Hobnox AudioTool Update”

Hobnox AudioTool Guided Tour (Video)

Finally we released our first video tutorial for the Hobnox AudioTool. You get a basic introduction of all devices and the desktop, where all comes together. At this very moment I can spread around 25 invitation. So leave a comment with a valid email address and get started! And be so kind and fill out … Continue reading “Hobnox AudioTool Guided Tour (Video)”

SoundSheets in Tonfall

I have uploaded a very rough demo of sound-sheets in Tonfall. The idea is to bring real instruments to Tonfall by using samples remaining a reasonable file size. Usually you might think a single pitched sample can do the job, however pitching a sample one octave already means doubling the speed. It would sound very … Continue reading “SoundSheets in Tonfall”

Tonfall – Open Source Audio Framework

Tonfall is an opensource audio framework for Actionscript I have written for the Audio Code Clash Workshop at Flash on the beach to provide an entry point for the attendees on that subject. Tonfall is not meant to be a fully implemented audio engine but you may learn a lot about signal processing and sequencing … Continue reading “Tonfall – Open Source Audio Framework”

ZwanzigZehn – TwentyTen

Happy new year everybody! This will be a big year for me and the Audiotool team. After a long time of research, refactoring, conception, politics, rethinking and building frameworks of any kind, we will finally launch V1.0. We also expect to update the application in a more frequent manner 2010 since we are safe on … Continue reading “ZwanzigZehn – TwentyTen”

Pitch MP3

Pitching MP3 (Not PitchShift!) is possible since Flash10s new Sound API. Today I saw Lee Brimelow’s post about doing so, providing some source code. Cause we spend a lot of time to keep things running more smoothly in the AudioTool, I created another version which has some advantages. No objects are created in runtime (memory … Continue reading “Pitch MP3”

The amazing ride of ToneMatrix

I visited the Frankfurter Musikmesse 2 weeks ago and played with the Yamaha TENORI-ON. I thought, it would be much nicer when the triggered notes would force a wavemap to oscillate. It took me just a few hours to implement. The sound generation is basically a polyphone synthesizer with a simple delay with a variing … Continue reading “The amazing ride of ToneMatrix”

Karplus-Strong Algorithm

At FITC Amsterdam I demoed my first and fairly simple implementation of a Karplus-Strong implementation. Together with KP, we were able to enhance it to sound more like a real guitar. I think, the result is already quite impressive, considering spending just a few hours. At some point I cannot hear a difference to a … Continue reading “Karplus-Strong Algorithm”

FITC Amsterdam Source Codes

Still in Amsterdam, but enough time for my flight back to Germany to post the source codes from my session. Good conference! But what is up in Amsterdam at night? Ralph Hauwert did everything yesterday to get us in another location after the official FITC party was closed. However we messed up in different directions, … Continue reading “FITC Amsterdam Source Codes”

FP10 SoundAPI changes

Without telling anyone, Adobe changed the Sound API on the recent released Flash Player 10. When we released our AudioTool yesterday we encountered a ridiculous long latency of almost one second. The latency time is the time between computation of the sound and the point where you can listen to the actual sound. It is … Continue reading “FP10 SoundAPI changes”


Proto by André Michelle Hobnox AudioTool Compiled Live Recordings DJ Mixes Reason Drafts Reason Drafts by andremichelle

Flash on Tap postponed – Still coming to Boston for FDT Roadshow

Flash on Tap is rescheduled on next year. However the powerflasher guys let me fly to Boston for their FDT World Roadshow Prelude. So after canceling the actual conference in the last minute a new conference is born in no time. I am pretty sure, it will turn out best. Welcome to the FDT World … Continue reading “Flash on Tap postponed – Still coming to Boston for FDT Roadshow”

Audio Physics

Yesterday, I played again with oscillating particles in audible range. I introduced a very basic version on some conferences. I’ve embedded the system in the Hobnox AudioTool environment to add some effects. Well, this is certainly weird but interesting sound design. I like it. Headphones required. There is a lot of stuff going on which … Continue reading “Audio Physics”

Flashforward finalist and Hobnox evolution

Hobnox AudioTool is finalist at Flashforward 2008! Vote for people’s choice! Meanwhile we are quite busy for the next update. You will be able to record your session and a lot of further enhancements you will enjoy. Hobnox is not just the AudioTool. We are also inviting for the next evolution contest 2008. This time … Continue reading “Flashforward finalist and Hobnox evolution”

AS3 – AudioCycleBuffer

After lots of crashes and frailties, I got today the solution for an audio-cycle-buffer (2047 samples). That means, it is possible to synthesize custom sounds and effects nearly in runtime (delay about 47ms). I have no *BIG* example here right now. Just the first running engine. It has a simple SWF embedded, where an empty … Continue reading “AS3 – AudioCycleBuffer”