I’m currently upgrading my laboratory. You are welcome to comment my experiments and even help me to get the rss feed to work. At the moment it only returns a correct header without any postings. Any wordpress specialist out there ?

The right RSS-URL is rss feed

PS: I’m still ill, but it’s good to have a simple task to follow some hours a day. More soon.

Announcing new physics engine in AS3

Besides audio-programming, still the big thing to be solved in AS3. I’m currently working on a game in as3 (YEAH!) and it needs some accurate physics. I decided to spend some more time to build a flex-library for further projects and development on this topic. There are still a lot of things to implement and some collisionmodels need some proof of robustness.

ConvexPolygons as Springmodels
Time-exact simulation resolve
Space-Subvision by grids
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I’m mentioned in wikipedia – check our 8bitboy !

I checked my referres and found one from a wikipedia article about the mod-format. That’s cool, since I have found a lot of usefull information about amiga-mods while developing the Super Mario Modplayer. Okay, to be up to date: Check out the preview of our 8bitboy for the web. Thanks Andre Stubbe for the design and Joa Ebert for the initial idea and his Modparser. We are currently implementing the missing effects and hope to finish the player and the appendant website this month. I’m also planning a flex-library(swc) to provide implementing the player in your own projects. Even a complete buffering of a song rather than runtime rendering will be supported to save performance while playing.

Note: This is a preview-version. Not all songs are rendered as they were originally designed.

How cool is Audioprogramming ?

I’am a sound junkey. I can listen to a short sequence for hours, if there are slight modification over time. If you know Phuture “Acid Trax”, than you know, what I am talking about. Now I have my own little toy. My first synthesizer with a random pattern creator and enough knobs to play a long time.

Yes! …drums would be cool… effects and all that stuff… but for me, its complete… just engage in simple waveforms :)

Synthesizer (F9Player and fast computer are required)

I noticed, that this posting has a lot of hits, so why not mentioning, that there are some new toys to play with?

live@popforge | lab audio category | preview of my synthesized 303 (mp3)

update2: audio sources are now open source

AS3 – AudioCycleBuffer

After lots of crashes and frailties, I got today the solution for an audio-cycle-buffer (2047 samples). That means, it is possible to synthesize custom sounds and effects nearly in runtime (delay about 47ms). I have no *BIG* example here right now. Just the first running engine. It has a simple SWF embedded, where an empty wavfile is exported. This SWF will be parsed, modified and reloaded to create the sync- and the permanently changing cycle-buffer-sound. The class Cycle provides switching mono/stereo and 8bit/16bit, yet.

Sidenote to Frank: It’s on you to bring the Roland TB-303 to Flash :-) And I have to mention e-phonic and david. They also tried to find a solution on dynamic sound synthesis in flash with pretty cool results.

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Webflags wm2006

You may have seen the germany flag in the sidebar. I decided to distribute all 32 team flags as webflags. I didn’t care care about soccer yet except worldcup games. But this time, having the wm2006 in germany, I am completely involved. If you join as a fan with a webflag, leave your url in the comments. Any suggestion are welcome.


source | digg it

Stable FPS Test

I tried one more time to get a stable frameRate in browser enviroment and an old workaround works fine for me now (flash9player tested).

//-- pseudo code
lastExitFrameMillis: int

function init(): void
	lastExitFrameMillis = getTimer();
	frameRate = 200;

function onEnterFrameLoop( event: Event ): void
	// execute code
	// [...]

	while( getTimer() - lastExitFrameMillis < 20 ){};

	lastExitFrameMillis = getTimer();

My results:
IE6.0 = 49 FPS
FireFox = 47 FPS

Please test with your system and post you results

Revive – 2d physics engine

I promised to publish the sources of the physics engine I had shown on the flashconference in stuttgart (same engine I would had shown in paris). I did some big changes in the structure, so some things are missing (1d physics, billard example). In the current version, I tried to test on movable segments, which could be a nice feature dealing with polygons created by simple spring connections between particles. This is very alpha, but I will develope this technic further on. And I’m sorry – no comments in the code. Try to get this on your own! To many things will change, so I won’t spend time in commenting code, which definitely will be removed.
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Short note (apology to paris)

I miss the flashconference in paris, cause I contract early this week an ugly otitis. I’m still lying in bed and I could imagine, this will continue for some more days. I’m sorry for all the people, who liked to watch my session. This is an exception – I hate to miss such dates.
Thanks for Thibault, who has presented my current AS3 projects, without having anything more than a zip-file. I packed, uploaded the folder and send him a link…and…I lulled back to sleep. So he didn’t know any hints or code location, where to change scenes and properties. But I hope you got the idea.

next time. promised.

sources and demoes will be delivered soon.

Flex2 Beta3 disappointments correction

Related to my previous posting I have to do some corrections. Read Darron Schall and Werner Sharps comments to notice, that the built-in Run-Player isn’t as fast as the release player, that is currently not public available for now. So my comparisons are wrong. I tested the IE plugin and it could be, that it is much faster, than I assume. More to come…

To post something new:
Darron Schall and Claus Wahlers updated their C64 emulator, which is in my opinion the coolest thing ever done with AS3.
Watch the C64 booting ! | flash9 player required

Flex2 Beta3 disappointments

I cannot couch my disappointment about the current beta3 related to the BitmapData.setPixel method.
A simple test confirms, that the setPixels method is now 30% slower than before. After that test, I converted my 3dengine (beta2) to the current beta3 and the framerate drops from 76 to 55FPS. So, simply put, I will abort the research about-perspective texture-mapping in AS3.

I know, there are many wonderfull things to do with AS3, but hey, it was is still a dream…

Speaking on flashconference’06 stuttgart

I will give a random insight into my current AS3 projects, including 3D Texturemapping and a new solid physics engine.

From the press notes:
The flashconference has a lively atmosphere: Colleagues give each other a hearty welcome – because it’s good to meet in Stuttgart!
Professionals contact producers and self-assured newcomers make their first contacts. For around three thousand filmmakers, industry experts, media representatives, programmers, and artists, the fmx is a sure mark in their calendars. They come from many countries to see familiar faces, meet friends again, hear the latest news and information, and get the ball rolling on new projects.

AS3 SoundChannel Feature Request

Regarding to this posting I had an idea today to handle SoundChannels in a very effective way. One of my favourite feature in AS3 is the Displaylist, where DisplayObjects can easily added and rejected from a DisplayObjectContainer remaining as intact objects.
So, imagine a SoundChannelList, where SoundChannels can be added as childs into other SoundChannels. Assume that we will have new manipulators as effects and filters as well as the wellknown volume and pan, nested SoundChannels would be effected by their preferences itself as well as the parent SoundChannels.

A SoundChannel with an effect and volume about 50%.
A nested SoundChannel with a volume about 50%.
Results the nested SoundChannel to be played with 25% (related to its waveform volume) and the effect from the parent SoundChannel.

Get the point ? Awesome possebilities !

Invited to flashfestival paris 2006

I’ve been invited to the flashfestival 2006 in paris – france, starting on mai, 27th. I will hold a session with Thibault Imbert about the new possebilities in Actionscript 3. I’m looking forward to see some of you french people there. I always had a lot of referres to my website from french sites, but I didn’t understand a word.

Je vais maintenant faire un gâteau.

Missing things TOP3: Graphiccard Acceleration

Calls for graphiccard acceleration for the flashplayer can be dated to over 7 years ago ? Anyway, the fast broadband internet is reality and it’s not necessary to reduce the player size under 1MB or whatever the internal preferences are, anymore. It’s not only about 3D. As a developer, I want to create new effects besides the ‘presets’ in the flashplayer. The new bitmap effects are nice, but too slow to combine them for new effects. With graphiccard acceleration we could source out a lot of computations to have more power on the application site.

It’s not just a feature, its the possebility to extend the player heavily with new effects in actionscript.

Missing things TOP3: SoundBytes

Since AS3 came up with ByteArray and BitmapData.setPixels, I hoped to get also access to the SoundBytes. The deal is simple. If you havn’t an API to make SoundEffects, just write them on your own. I’m sure that AS3 is fast enough to provide some realtime computation, like mixing, sequencing and filtering channels. If not, there is also the possebility to compute things over time. All the other stuff as pitching samples could be added in further flashplayer versions as a player supported API.

To be fair, I think the flash team has adressed this problem and we may get some new possebilities in flash9.

1bit wonder

1bit wonder

Why we run 1bit wonder
‘Cause we like music. Not just electronic stuff, but all kinds of music. With 1bit wonder, we want to release what we think the world should have a chance to listen to. Style doesn’t matter. It’s just about our sense of good taste.

I’m just listening to the ‘Celebration Compilation #2’. Great minimalistic music!


Didn’t care about racing games, yet ?

Download track-mania-nations. A free(!) adaption from a commercial game, which is absolute addictive to play. It sometimes reminds me playing a logic puzzle with a racing car (especially the expert tracks). You can create your own tracks and play on LAN and the internet against human opponents. I didn’t care about PC-Games, particularly racing games, but this one is different. Just fast, good to control and looks nice.

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AS3 Bresenhams line algorithm

here is an implementation of the bresenhams line algorithm. I tried to avoid the Math.abs, which I found in most source or pseudo codes. I think, this couldn’t be much faster in AS3. I’m developing a custom line algorithm, cause its the first step trying to code an own texture mapper, since the one I used is ported from C.

Here it is:

private function bresenham( x0: int, y0: int, x1: int, y1: int, value: int ): void
	var error: int;

	var dx: int = x1 - x0;
	var dy: int = y1 - y0;

	var yi: int = 1;

	if( dx < dy )
		//-- swap end points
		x0 ^= x1; x1 ^= x0; x0 ^= x1;
		y0 ^= y1; y1 ^= y0; y0 ^= y1;

	if( dx < 0 )
		dx = -dx; yi = -yi;

	if( dy < 0 )
		dy = -dy; yi = -yi;

	if( dy > dx )
		error = -( dy >> 1 );

		for( ; y1 < y0 ; y1++ )
			output.setPixel32( x1, y1, value );
			error += dx;
			if( error > 0 )
				x1 += yi;
				error -= dy;
		error = -( dx >> 1 );

		for( ; x0 < x1 ; x0++ )
			output.setPixel32( x0, y0, value );
			error += dy;
			if( error > 0 )
				y0 += yi;
				error -= dx;

watch here Flash8.5Player required

Missing AS3 examples

I’m converting my AS3 examples from time to time to the current BETA built. I will update this posting, whenever an example is updated to the current flash8.5player.

Perspective Texture Mapping Thanks to Denis Chait for the 3dMax scene
: Nice adaption with a video, projected onto the wall (speaker: Blixa Bargeld)

200 Circles coliding | source

BitmapCloud 9180 particles | source

Stay tuned.

Leaving the projects world

After my current project, I going to spend more time with my cute little daughter Laila Mia. I won’t accept any further jobs. My girlfriend is going to carry on the business part in our familiy. I will keep the house and I may take some sparse time to research some AS3 stuff, where I cannot keep my hands off. After 7 years of programming, I’m really glad about this decision, even cause it is the next big cut in my life.

Thank you all visiting my blog and giving me feedback about my work.

Force new features to AS3

AS3 needs feedback. Macromedia installed a forum about the alpha version of Flex2, but I have the feelings, that it is not really accepted. So, you are a actionscript programmer ?
Force Macromedia (or adobe now) to enhance the new update ! Any voice is welcome.

For me the following things are important:
Sound Enhancements
Speed up getPixel/setPixel

I love AS3 and I don’t want to wait untill Flash9 to create with the power that is obvious now.
I cannot believe, that these are difficult things to solve.

AS3 Particles and Lines

Particles are really fun to play with. Here is another 2D example with line collisions. Click and drag to draw a line. You can also move the endpoints. Releasing an endpoint below or above the stage will remove a line. The collision detection is done by finding the intersection from the line and the moving path from each particle (672).

Particles and Lines require flash8.5player

Try your own bitmaps -default-size 256 384 -default-frame-rate 120 -optimize

AS3 BitmapCloud 3D

A short study to test, how many 3D particles could be rendered in AS3. Seems a huge. The code scanlines a bitmap and creates 3D coordinates with a random z-value. The computed x,y values result a normal 2D view, when projecting without further transformation. By clicking the mouse button, you can rotate the particles in 3d space. In this case, I’m rotating and projecting 9180 particles.
try your own pictures -default-size 256 256 -default-frame-rate 120 -optimize

BitmapCloud 3D (require flash8.5player)

Months ago, I was invited by a berlin agency exozet coding a 3d isocube menu in flash7. Now it’s finally online and looks very nice. Even though they work heavily with alpha blendings. So it could slow down your computer. The website also provides a video streaming system similar to normal tv program. check out ‘bunchTV’ (need to register). Congrats to the development team. Nice work!

Be transgressive. Like DESPERADOS.
It’s in german, but most items are in english, so you won’t get lost.

Delay of all tasks

I just want to make sure, that I will post my presentation notes and source codes. I’m currently completly knocked out by an influenza. You better don’t come to close. Thank’s for all your feedback related to the conferences. I’m glad you liked it.

aM@spark photo taken by Carlo Blatz

aM@spark photo taken by Carlo Blatz

Thanks Korea !

I’ve just arrived at my hotel and will start the next part of my journey tomorrow to amsterdam speaking at spark europe. I really had a great time in korea and I just want to say ‘Thank you’ to all koreans and all other participants and speakers for joining MAX Korea 2005 especially my session. I would love to come back anytime in future. Not to forget: the sources will be posted in a few days right here, when I’m back to germany.

Hope to see you at the spark conference.

Off to Korea – Amsterdam

I’m packing my bag, hopefully not to forget anything I need the next days. Tomorrow at 13:10 I will arrive in Amsterdam and have a stay for 4 hours, before leaving to korea. If you are bored and domiciled near the airport, just stay with me for a beer :)
I don’t know who is in korea on saturday allready and I don’t know if my mobile will operate there. If so, just give me a call: +49(0)xxx xxx 6537
If not, I will rent a mobile for the time. Leave a blog comment with your cell number or write an email: andre.michelle[at] I hope that I will be able to get my emails in my hotel. I’m really exciting about my journey to korea and the upcoming conferences. Yeah yeah yeah !

Hashed Slowmotion Camera

I have no idea, if this could break your computer, since I’m using a lot BitmapData instances, while applying this effect. Be carefull.
But if it’s running fine, you can do thinks with yourself, you didn’t noticed before, hehe. I cannot stop making faces with it.

8ball lab | camera/motion_hash (flash8player & webcam required)

AS3 Raycaster

A fast implementation of a raycaster. You can move forward by pressing the mouse button. This version also provides a camera roll and height, ceil and floor tiles. To boost up the code, I’m using a lookup table for sin, cos, tan and massive bitshifting. The code is accordingly unreadable. What I’m really missing is a typed Array with simple bytes to write faster code, just reading RGB values. I have the feeling, that the getPixel method is too slow. This causes the small stage (240x160px).

Update 2010
The files are missing for some reason. However the Raycaster is still here even though it is very old now.

AS3 Performance

This is an old experiment from flashmx times. After converting to AS3, I’am really exciting. While the optimized AS1 version makes up to 12 circles, the new version can handle 200 very easily. Note that these are 19900 distance calculations each frame plus moving, bounding and resolving the detected collisions. No problem to imagine, that you can write a 9ball billard application which high resolution physics.

200 circles coliding : flashplayer8.5 needed

//-default-size 256 256 -default-frame-rate 120

AS3 Wavemap

I’ve implemented this great tutorial The Water Effect Explained now in AS3. Maybe, its a little small, but it only looks good, when you get at least 50 fps (best 80-90).
I have done this in AS2 before with blendModes and the ConvolutionFilter, trying to emulate the very simple algorithm for performance, but the results are not as the original. So I know, that AS3 is much faster than AS2…, but its too slow in such cases. One solution is to blow the output twice, but you really need a high fps, which is mostly not possible to get in browsers which other things moving around.

Anyway, I have modified the tutorial to compute with Integers (int), which are much faster than floats(Number). The result is rendered in gray to the output. If anyone found possebilities to increase the performance, tell me.

AS3 wavemap (Flash8.5 Player needed) – one step before water simulation (displacement)

Compile this with -default-size 80 80 -default-frame-rate 80

Another Gooify

grant skinner has done this already and I tried it before, but got lost. I wanted a solution where the displacement output is rendered onto the source image. This would be more fluid, cause you could move pixels endless in the bitmap. But after grants post, I tried another solution, which appears to be the same as grants one. here is the source to play with.
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AS3 Perspective Texturemapping

This is the first step of a long journey. The example parses 3ds (3dmax) files and renders the scene pixel by pixel with a ‘real’ zBuffer for exact z-Sorting and a simple distance shading. There is a lot of space to increase performance. The most problem is drawing the pixels on the screen. The calculation of 236 faces connecting 190 vertices while clipping at the front plane is no performance problem. Commenting out the setPixel row, increases the FPS to 120.

Note: This example requires FlashPlayer 8.5

perspective texturemapping part 1 | based on Mikael Kalms 1997

BlendMode Math

If you wonder, what blendmodes are doing exactly, you can read this article about blendmodes in common. I tried to work with them in a accurate way to emulate complexer algorithms like animated water waves. Generically you can save a lot of performance, if you need to calculate every single pixel colorvalue from two bitmaps. In most cases, there is a simple solution using ColorTransform and Blendmodes. One problem is that the flash results are different in some cases, so here are my findings:

// based on:
// modified to fit flash output

	[for each color component] RGB

// ADD
// c' = Math.min( 255, Math.max( 0, c0 + c1 ) )

// c' = Math.max( 0, c0 - c1 )

// c' = Math.floor( ( c1 * c0 ) / 0xff )

// c' = 255 - Math.floor( ( 255 - c0 ) * ( 255 - c1 ) / 255 )

// c' = c0 > c1 ? c0 : c1

// c' = c0 < c1 ? c0 : c1

// c' = c0 > c1 ? c0 - c1 : c1 - c0

// INVERT ( no influence from c1 )
// c' = 255 - c0

// c' = c0 < 128 ? Math.floor( ( c1 * c0 ) / 127 ) : 255 - Math.ceil( ( 255 - c0 ) * ( 255 - c1 ) / 127 )

// c' = c1 < 128 ? Math.floor( ( c1 * c0 ) / 127 ) : 255 - Math.ceil( ( 255 - c0 ) * ( 255 - c1 ) / 127 )

For example if you like to compute the average colors from 2 different bitmaps, you can follow like this:

import flash.display.*;
import flash.geom.*;

//-- test here 2 colorvalues
var c0: Number = 234;
var c1: Number = 255;

//-- source bitmaps
var b0: BitmapData = new BitmapData( 1, 1, false, c0 );
var b1: BitmapData = new BitmapData( 1, 1, false, c1 );

//-- resulting bitmap
var be: BitmapData = new BitmapData( 256, 256, false, 0 );

//-- compute average
var half: ColorTransform = new ColorTransform( .5, .5, .5, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0 );
be.draw( b0, new Matrix, half );
be.draw( b1, new Matrix, half, 'add' );

trace( be.getPixel( 0, 0 ) );
trace( Math.floor( ( c0 + c1 ) / 2 ) );

Of course this is a simple one, but you get the idea.

Speaking at spark europe

I’m proud to announce, that I will speak at the spark conference in amsterdam. There are a couple of the finest flashcoders and this will be the first time, I had to hold my session in english. Scary, scary :)
I will talk about some natural effects like fire, water and how to handle static bitmap transformation from other application like 3dmax with the new capabilities in flash8.


Sphere Texturemapping via DisplacementMapFilter

I thought a long time about it and tried it the second time now. The idea is a freeze a current pixels displacement, as it naturally occur when projecting bitmaps into another enviroment like a sphere coordinate system. I created a gradient table in flash8 where the x and y values are stored as color-components (red/blue). I switch to 3dmax where I build my model (here a sphere) and map the gradient onto the mesh. The next step is to look, where the original positions of the texture was by comparing the source and the projected bitmap and compose a displacement map of it. I think, this is the screwiest workaround, I’ve ever done in flash.

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Flashkonferenz 05 (german)

Die Flashkonferenz 05, organisiert von Sascha Wolter und Marc Thiele, Betreiber des Flashforums steht an. Und diesmal geht das Ganze als Tour über die Bühne. Feste Referentenlisten oder Themen stehen noch aus, bis jetzt sind nur die Termine fest:

Berlin: 19. September
Hamburg: 20. September
Düsseldorf: 21. September
München: 22. September
Zürich: 26. September
Wien: 27. September

Ich denke ein Hauptthema wird Flash8 sein. Der Produktmanager von Flash ‘Mike Downey’ wird auch anwesend sein. Der Eintrittspreis beträgt 25 Euro. Auf Berlin freue ich mich besonders. Die Location ist gerade mal 3 Minuten von mir entfernt. Auch nett ist die Google Übersetzung ins Deutsche von diesem Post. “Sterben Sie Flashkonferenz…”


Eightball examples

After flash8 is announced, the beta members are allowed to post their examples.
Unfortunatly I don’t have a lot of examples to publish, since they don’t work as expected yet. Anyway flash8 is a real milestone of flash itself, but in relation to performance, I’m furthermore disappointed. That includes the built-in native BitmapData methods and filters. But as in earlier versions, we might find workarounds to increase actionscript speed and rendering performance.

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FDT – 2 weeks of testing

A lot of new feature were implemented in fdt last time and it really rocks. Never thought, that coding AS2 could be that easy. The handling of packages is awesome. You never need to open an explorer to move any of your classes and rewrite the class header. A simple move command and some shortcuts do the job. Errors and warnings are shown while writing your code in runtime. So you never have to test your movie to verify if you have errors. fdt checks your types and displays unsolveable properties as they occur on dynamic classes like MovieClips. This forces you to write typesave code and feel much better with your structure. Todays upgrade provides context tooltips for method parameters. This list would never end. I am impressed.

Thanks again, Nico for this usefull development tool.

SUSHI Multiuser Server V2.2

Bjoern Acker asked me to publish this anouncement. I havn’t tested the product, so get an eye on this for yourself.

Rawfish Software has just released the SUSHI Multiuser Server V2.2, a comprehensive framework for creating and running crossplatform multiuser applications. The SUSHI Multiuser Server provides a flexible and cost-efficient solution to create and run most diverse multiuser projects, like e.g. chats, games or collaboration tools using Flash MX AS1.0 & AS2.0, FlashLite and Java (J2SE/J2ME). SUSHI ships with a free 30 user license to get you started immediately. The new 2.2 release comes with the following new features:

  • New APIs for Macromedia FlashLite and Macromedia Flash MX Actionscript 2.0
  • The possibility to extend the server’s functionality with Actionscript or Java
  • New Tutorials, providing a complete overview in how to develop SUSHI multiuser content with FlashLite, Flash MX AS2.0 and J2SE. * Improved Flash MX APIs with e.g. advanced object serialization and sending Actionscript objects methods

Bezier clipping against all orthogonal axis

After I trying some studies with my AS1 solution I found a lot of misbehavior, while clipping. So I started to develope a completely new solution in AS2. The code provides to clip against any orthogonal axis and furthermore it’s easy to extend in 3D. The hardest issue was to solve a division by zero in a few cases. I’ve tested it for a long time and it seems to be solid for me. Anyway, if you found any bug, please leave a comment.
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Tight FPS Solution

PercyPea (well known from flashkit – mario kart thread) sent me an email, where he describes a solution to force the browser plugin to hold the FPS very tight.
I tried it for my tileengine games/supermario. It seems to be true and I really would like you to give me your framerate at this example. It should be about 32/33 and actually firefox makes it fine. PercyPea makes also a thread on flashkit, where you can post your comments.

The idea is to adjust 120 FPS and slow down by running a loop untill the necessary milliseconds are passed. Simple as for example java do.

More information about FDT – Flash Development Tool

powerflasher launched a site for FDT to provide essential information about the new eclipse plugin. A forum is also be presented. FDT will be available at the end of july as a commercial product. The pricing is not fixed yet.

the FDT-Site went online today. You will find release information, a full feature list with the captivate demos and screenshots as well as the latest news including how to find us this week at the FlashForward conference in New York where we have a speakers room.

short review by Chafic Kazoun about FDT

FDT – not just another eclipse plugin !

powerflasher has developed an eclipse plugin for actionscript the last six months and it is currently entering the beta phase. I’m working with fdt for three days now and I can say that this is a killer plugin. Never thought, that any eclipse plugin for actionscript could be that intelligent. It saves a lot of time and writes a lot of code for you automatically. Once you’ve started developing with it, you don’t want to miss it anymore ! Congrats to Nico Zimmermann from powerflasher, who is the man behind fdt.

fdt will be a commercial product, different from asdt, which is still in alpha development and incommensurable. watch the fdt demo videos