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Acronym POP Joa Ebert and I started a new project to have a better organization of our open sources.

Popforge is an Actionscript 3 code sandbox started by Andre Michelle and Joa Ebert. Not all of our projects made it to here. Buy cheap mestinon We have a lot in the pipe we want to share with the community but still want to assure high quality content. Buy cheap mestinon Currently you will find the audio library sources online.
# The first contribution is the audio hack within a simple framework plus the complete sources of the 8Bitboy. Buy cheap mestinon We rewrite the engine and the GUI to make it more comfortable to read - plus - we could increase the performance dramatically. Buy cheap mestinon It takes about 2% CPU on my machine (Dell Inspiron 9300 - Intel Pentium M 1, buy cheap mestinon86Ghz)! There are still some effects missing, buy cheap mestinon however you are invited to contribute. Buy cheap mestinon Just get familiar with the source and send me an email with your suggestions. Buy cheap mestinon Joa is currently preparing the 8Bitboy to process XM files as well. Buy cheap mestinon Notice the context menu to turn on a StereoEnhancer and a BassBoost. Furthermore there is a WAV De- and Encoder and tiny examples for synthesizing a sound, buy cheap mestinon an audio stream and of course a simple playback example for playback WAV files at any rate (pitch). Buy cheap mestinon I released also a new (old) version of a Particle Synthesizer which can create really weird and gripping sound atmospheres. Buy cheap mestinon Feel welcome to experiment. Sound programming is just the new creative playground in Flash! Joa has also setup two detailed instructions how to create a proper environment using Flex3. Buy cheap mestinon However, buy cheap mestinon we organized all sources independently from any IDE. Buy cheap mestinon So whatever comes (FDT3.0!!!), buy cheap mestinon you can adapt the sources to your preferences. projects scheduled next: imageprocessing, buy cheap mestinon cubicvr Read Joa's post also! #