Officially Temporary Closed

Over the last months I was watching myself surfing to my own blog hoping that I have written something new. I have not. The last months were filled with a lot of work in serving new technologies. Joa did quite a job on moving Audiotool to various platforms and there was not much time for new experiments or research. Besides providing general information and conference dates – talking about new stuff was the actual reason for this blog. However moving to new technologies means rewriting existing code to other languages. I could talk about the current situation as a developer. It might not be the easiest time, but even it was easy to target the only reasonable platform Flash in the past, the new options and possibilities are very promising.

To make it short: I’ll be back – probably in a different format than a blog.

And still there are Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Audiotool for your entertainment.

Thanks for reading since 2005!

When I was 25

Before I started programming in 1998, I was completely into electronic dance music (formerly called Techno). I produced hours of tracks stored on digital audio tapes. Few weeks ago I bought a DAT-Player on ebay and now I am traveling back into the years 1995-1997. Most productions are just crap. Two tracks caught my attention though, since they were on an unlabeled DAT. I guess they must be from 1997. At least they sound like that time. Still like them, so I uploaded them on SoundCloud.

DAT 1997

Construction of a Steiner Chain

The Steiner chain is a set of circles inside an outer circle, where all circles are touching their neighbor in a single point. Naturally the first version within Flash is already made by Mario Klingemann in 2002 to create some nice artwork. He also has a AS3 version in his libs.

My version is rather optimized for runtime purpose, does not create objects in runtime.

Press UP/DOWN to add/remove circles to the steiner chain.
Press RIGHT/LEFT to adjust the rotation speed.
Ensure keyboard focus (Click once in the Flash movie)

View this page in Romanian by courtesy of azoft.

Get Adobe Flash player

More references
Wiki | Wolfram


Tonfall WAV-IO

Tonfall has a new feature called WAV-IO. It reads and writes audio data in wav-format.

Decoding a WAV results in the data format 44.1Khz,Stereo,32bit (float).
You can play it with the dynamic Sound API. Encoding can be done by simply passing the data you created in SAMPLE_DATA_EVENT to the encoder after specifying the target wav-format. You have to finalize the encoder after writing. Both processes are on the fly – processing block by block. They do not have to be processed in a single Flashplayer frame time.
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Drawing circles with Pixelbender

I am not sure, if this makes any sense at all, but if you ever need to draw antialiased circles in Pixelbender, here is a quite simple solution. I had the idea after watching Mario Klingemanns and Ralph Hauwerts sessions at Flash on the Beach. They were talking about the bad idea of using conditions like if/else in Pixelbender shaders. So this solution runs without any branches and makes just use of built-in functions min/max.
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FITC 2010 San Francisco

This years amazing Flashbelt 2010 has just ended and the next great conference is appearing at the horizon. FITC 2010 is landing in San Francisco in August and according to its schedule it will be an outstanding one. I am personally looking forward to meet Yugo Nakamura in person, the guy that makes me actually starting with Flash more than 10 years ago.

My session this time is called Pulsatile Crackle and will combine audio synthesis with physic simulations. And of course I give you a quick overview of what our cute baby Audiotool is already capable of. Never forget: Audio is the next big thing in Flash

Early bird price for this event ends Friday July 2nd, so get your tickets NOW. and use the code ‘andre-michelle’ for an extra 10% off!

Flashbelt 2010 coming soon!

One of my favorite conferences is just 5 weeks away and I am already excited to travel to Minneapolis for the fourth time. Dave Schroeder is always a very caring host, which makes Flashbelt a very social and special conference. I especially look forward to the parties where I suppose Keston Westdal to make live – music at one evening. They are amazing!

If you don’t have your ticket yet and are able to take a trip to Minneapolis, do not hesitate!


Flash on the Beach – Audio Workshop Sold Out!

John told me today that my workshop Audio Code Clash is already sold out! Great!

This will be some conference and I will also have my session Pulsatile Crackle!
I am really excited about all this. If you don’t have tickets yet, go sack them quickly. I am pretty sure, that they are leaving John’s hands right away.

Also, John was asking me how I find myself being Marilynized.
Ah! That’s it! Marilynized! Hell yes, I like that ;) That’s what makes FOTB so special, right?

Audiotool 1.0 (sound preview)

We are coming closer to the release. Still a long todo-list, but I see light. While developing the last months, I sometimes completely forgot, what we are actually building. This morning I decided to play around for half an hour to test the usability, sounding and performance. Despite the new complex features like the sequencer and zoom-able desktop the performance seems to be outstanding.

So here is D’n’B at 175bpm, composed with two audio loops (heavily spliced), 303, two instances of our new synthesizer that I love and some effect devices.

Estimated release date early march 2010.

Audiotool – Audio Performance Test by André Michelle

Check out joa’s as well…

ZwanzigZehn – TwentyTen

Happy new year everybody!

This will be a big year for me and the Audiotool team. After a long time of research, refactoring, conception, politics, rethinking and building frameworks of any kind, we will finally launch V1.0. We also expect to update the application in a more frequent manner 2010 since we are safe on core technologies as far as the Flashplayer is capable of. Flash is indeed the most widespread browser plugin, but actually the worst choice for a music application. You decide soon – if we did the necessary magic. In any case I hope, that the project will be a success so Adobe feels the need to enhance the Sound API in Flash11 again (Vorbis, Latency, Midi,..).

Thanks to:
Joa Ebert, Kai-Philipp Schöllmann, Alan Ross, Andre Stubbe, Philipp Granzin, Axel Philipsenburg and to all organizing forces beyond us. You guys are simply amazing!

I have never been so busy and occupied by a project in my coding life. I am sorry for all the unanswered emails and the lack of posts on my blog in 2009.

AS3 Failure?

According to the posts from Joa Ebert and Nicolas Cannasse I put my personal opinion on stack. Starting with Flash4 I see the long run of Actionscript for 10 years. It became truly a serious language since then. Back at the time, where no type-safe programming was possible and Actionscript errors were caught silently by the virtual machine, it was a pain in the ass to debug and create bigger projects. I was used to that, so I never complained the situation. I had no experience in other languages which features would make me jealous. Everything I have ever wanted were new features, new possibilities to create graphics and deal with sound. So every new Flash version extended my tool kit and I spent a lot of fun-time with the new toys. The only thing that annoyed me was that Actionscript was the slowest language thinkable. That has changed 2005 with Actionscript 3.0, which I am very thankful for. Actionscript 3.0 came with some stunning new features like dealing with bytes on the lowest level, manipulating the display-list in runtime without destroying the DisplayObjects and the fastest language in the Flashplayer since then. And with Flash10, my dream of dynamic audio programming came true, after ringing the bell.
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Flash on tap, Flashbelt and a tiny insight of the states

Coming back from two weeks of traveling through the states with my co-worker Alan Ross. Starting in Boston, we attended Flash on Tap, where I spoke about Digital Audio Signal Processing in Flash10. FOT was great and the beer-tastings were delightful. A lot of local breweries shown up to present their beers. Cheers! Looking forward for next year. Thanks to Chris, Rebecca and the rest of the team!
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Eclipse plugins you need

Catchy title, worth to consider. While working on the AudioTool, we are continuously searching for better workflows. Joa Ebert has written two plugins for Eclipse that helps us a lot to deal with such a huge project.

To make it clear: I don’t love Eclipse. It is still a love-hate relationship and I am often fighting against its philosophy. So far, nothing comparable platform-independent in sight.

MetaLaunch (free)
If your project consists of a bunch of SWCs, you often want to compile them first and your application afterward. Use MetaLaunch to launch several Eclipse launchers from a list.

PBDT – PixelBender Development Tool (free)
Adobe PixelBender Toolkit is not event worth to consider as a code editor, I am afraid. PBDT instead supports semantic highlightning and basic refactoring for your PixelBender shader source code. It even compiles your code in the background. This gives you a very nice workflow in developing shaders.

FDT – Flash Development Tool
Not to forget the sophisticated Actionscript development tool by powerflasher. People often think, you need to be an expert in Actionscript to get benefit from it and still prefer to use the Flash IDE. On the contrary, using FDT helps you learning AS3 with tons of useful features.

Karplus-Strong Algorithm

At FITC Amsterdam I demoed my first and fairly simple implementation of a Karplus-Strong implementation. Together with KP, we were able to enhance it to sound more like a real guitar. I think, the result is already quite impressive, considering spending just a few hours. At some point I cannot hear a difference to a real guitar. This is even more impressive when you think of how it is accomplished.

A simple low-pass filtered feedback in a short delay line with the length of one period of the target frequency and some white noise do the first impression of a plugged string in common. For a guitar you need more tweaking, randomizing parameters and adding the guitar body resonance to get it more realistic. But the basic is done with an algorithm, discovered 1978!
I really like the elegance of the circuit. You basically bring in chaos (white noise contains all frequencies) and the system is going to stable itself and produces a nice waveform, perfectly suggesting a plugged string.

Naturally we are already planning an AudioTool plugin for synthesizing different guitars. But I am worried about the footprint of the algorithm. I stumbled over this comment which pointed out that the Karplus-Strong algorithm is patented. That is tough. At the time being this algorithm was a great accomplishment! But now where even Flash is able to playback code-generated audio data, I would think that someone may stumble over this method even by accident. It is better to commit our lawyer with this issue, but as the comment says, it is a really good example how bad code-patents are.

Listen and picture it for yourself. (Check the CPU!)

The implementation has a static set, but gives you some control on how the guitar is played. Nothing really magic. Definitely it would be a perfect addition to the AudioTool.

FITC Amsterdam Source Codes

Still in Amsterdam, but enough time for my flight back to Germany to post the source codes from my session. Good conference! But what is up in Amsterdam at night? Ralph Hauwert did everything yesterday to get us in another location after the official FITC party was closed. However we messed up in different directions, where KP & I decided to head back to our hotels. Late enough, fair enough.

Now check out the sources. | And/or check the AudioTool itself.

Boing Bumm Tschak!

Long time no update. Long time being sick. I even had to cancel Adobe MAX and FITC Tokyo last week to cure my persistent cold. What a bummer! I am sorry for those who were looking forward to see my session. That sucks. I hope to get another chance to come to Japan in time.

Anyway I am getting back to work and I am looking forward now to FITC Amsterdam.

Btw: Have you seen this?

Flash on the Beach – Miami!

John Davey already revealed it at FOTB08. The next Flash on the Beach conference will be taking place in Miami. FOTB has always been one of my favorite conference and I am happy to attend as a speaker as well. You guess the subject – Audio in Flash 10. We are making great progress on the next AudioTool update. We will have collaboration features, a brand new sequencer unit to automate everything and finally you will be able to save your project and remix other user stuff. And much more…

Thank you John for your effort in making FOTB everytime a little bit better – which seems hard if attending just the current!

Fur like renderings

About 2 years ago I created a little SWF that generated cute little ‘fur balls’. I didn’t pay a lot of attention on this, moved to other stuff and lost it anywhere on a backup disk (not recovered yet). There was so much to discover in Actionscript 3.0 these days!
Last weekend I remembered and did some tests. It is actually quite simple. Move a lot of (millions!) particles and trace their path with a color. I am pretty sure, that software like Maya or several Photoshop plugins can do this as well. And probably much faster! Most of those tests below required hours of rendering. Anyway, I like the outcome of these three so far.

Flash Logo
Hobnox Logo
My Pixel counterpart

Flickr – Fur Collection

Make sure to watch them in 100%

Flash on Tap postponed – Still coming to Boston for FDT Roadshow

Flash on Tap is rescheduled on next year. However the powerflasher guys let me fly to Boston for their FDT World Roadshow Prelude. So after canceling the actual conference in the last minute a new conference is born in no time. I am pretty sure, it will turn out best.

Welcome to the FDT World Roadshow Prelude!

We’re going to kick off in Boston on october 7th, 2008. We will host a free (!) half day event and invite every Flashcoder to show-up and meet with the FDT professionals. The first „Headline-Speaker“ is confirmed: We are bringing André Michelle with us, a true FDT friend, a Flash-Hero, and he will talk about the most recent developments about his „Hobnox-Audiotool“.

TB-303 new emulation testdrive

Just a quick snapshot with a TB-303 and a TR-808 creating a monotone acid track to check the new 303 emulation code. I spent more time to get the accent system better integrated, which is one of the most popular features in the 303 sound. The accent is riding in at about 2:10min. This is the most I can provide without doing heavy analysis of the circuits and measuring. I think it is pretty close. However I have the real thing next to me… Wooaaaooow!

TB-303 The real thing
Need to do some measuring and analysis ;)

Audio Physics

Yesterday, I played again with oscillating particles in audible range.
I introduced a very basic version on some conferences. I’ve embedded the system in the Hobnox AudioTool environment to add some effects. Well, this is certainly weird but interesting sound design. I like it.

Headphones required. There is a lot of stuff going on which you will miss when listening on standard computer audio systems.

Flash10 Perspective-Texture-Mapping (No more rotating cubes)

Getting all the audio stuff to work, I completely forgot to check out the new features in Flash10. I waited so long for perspective texture mapping in Flash and now it arrived. This is the result of about 8 hours and at least 4 different approaches handling the 3d data in my little engine properly. To draw polygons perspective correct you can use the Graphics.drawTriangle method and pass 3 Vector (new typed Array class) instances providing all data, the Flashplayer needs to paint the triangle. This let me think of handling all 3d and texture data in Vectors and never use objects like a Vertex class for instance, just (int) pointers.

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I lost sight of my recently bought Serato Scratch Live system way too long. It allows you to play almost any digital audio formats on well-known Technics SL-12010MK2 record players. It’s fun! I bought several minimal tracks at Beatport, a great online shop especially for electronic music – by the way – entirely built in Flash.

Afterall…enjoy 1:30h minimal tracksalternative download at soundcloud

First AudioTool live recorded, Vorbis encoded session

We were not sure if this ever gonna work. In about 4 days we ported more than 30.000 lines code of a Java Vorbis Encoder to AS3. We came across several issues when AS3 code is behaving completely different from Java code. Debugging code, you cannot understand is a pain in the ass! However, we optimized the horrible Java code quite a bit. The encoding takes now twice the time of the audio duration and it doesn’t take that much memory as before.

Why Audio Encoding?
We would like give the Hobnox AudioTool users the option to stream a live-session to their Hobnox Library. Unfortunately the Flashplayer doesn’t allow streaming data to the hard-drive and we didn’t wanted to fill the memory with uncompressed audio material (~10mb/min). We manage streaming by using (a lot of) SharedObjects, slicing the audio data into several packages, which are later transferred to the encoder for uploading.

Why Vorbis?
Vorbis has a better file reduction ratio AND sounds much better than MP3 files. I cannot hear any difference against the uncompressed audio data at Vorbis rate of 128kb/sec. Filesize was the reason in the first place, cause we cannot upload uncompressed audio data. It would take too long. Naturally in the end the server converts the audio file to MP3 that the Flashplayer is able to play it. I would love to see the Flashplayer playing back Vorbis in future releases. It sounds better and it is also able to loop. You know that MP3 is not loopable trouble-free.

Entirely in Flash (No Java anymore):
I admit: My session is actually boring. I quickly setup some beats and just one 303 without any effects to test the Streaming and Encoding. Download the OGG-file here. The next update is scheduled for September, 1st. This may shift as we need to wait for FlashPlayer 10. The current version of the AudioTool works with a Java applet to stream the AS3 generated audio to the sound card. We are looking forward to get rid of it.

I pretty sure we will share the encoder in time. It still needs some tweaking and optimizations.

Hobnox AudioTool Update

We finally released an update on our cute Flash audio application – AudioTool Demo.
As promised we’ve added an emulation of the famous Roland TR808. Besides you’ll find a new bitcrusher effect and a compressor with optional sidechain input.

For a better workflow we’ve added new buttons in the controlbar as undo/redo, three zoom states and a lock button to avoid accidental displacement of the editors.

It is still a demo, which means you cannot save your set. This is the most wanted feature we will address in the next update. A timeline to arrange modulation and pattern changes over time is in development too. Stay tuned!

Hobnox AudioTool Guided Tour (Video)

Finally we released our first video tutorial for the Hobnox AudioTool. You get a basic introduction of all devices and the desktop, where all comes together.

At this very moment I can spread around 25 invitation. So leave a comment with a valid email address and get started! And be so kind and fill out your profile, I like to know who you are.
Registration or invitation isn’t required anymore!

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Adobe – Make some noise!

I am back from FITC, a great conference first time organized in Amsterdam. Thanks for all the feedback regarding our new audio application. I think you all get the point, that we are very serious about doing a reasonable online music software with Flash. So everyone who was lucky to get one of the t-shirts: Please do us a favour. Make a picture of yours wearing the shirt, post it in the comments or even better send directly an email to Adobe attaching your message.

Adobe – Make some noise! We need native sound support as soon as possible!

Check out Joa Eberts first RMX, recorded live with our AudioTool!

The silent death of onSoundComplete event – a petition

Back in the year 2002, where FlashMX was introduced, I was pleased to see the new event ‘onSoundComplete’. I had access to the beta version these days (cannot say where, cause I wasn’t in the beta group). I found out, that it simply did not work as expected. The event should be triggered, when a sound was completely played, but starting a new sound on the very same event caused a small gap in playback. What was the point? The ‘onSoundComplete’ event was only triggered at the beginning of a certain minimal timeframe (2048 samples on a PC ~ 46ms / 44.1KHz). Macromedia didn’t take my report seriously – more – they demanded that everything worked as expected. Well, no musicians worked at Macromedia those days.
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Oh my, even I wanted to have a cute looking computer sometime and an os, which doesn’t remind of its existence consistently. And after one day having Vista installed, the Windows world was crumbling and I was seriously looking for alternatives. And now it has happened. After 9 years of looking on Windows desktops, I have a brand-new MacBook Pro running Leopard. All I say is I’m pleased. It is good – and yes – maybe much better than I expected from a computer before seen by me as a toy.

One thing though. Does anyone know how to get aliased fonts in my eclipse environment without changing it for the whole OS ?

Flash on the Beach

I am back from Flash on the Beach in Brighton and also completed my move to cologne. Thanks to John Davey, who accomplished a wonderfull conference with an ingredible line-up and also invited me to present my latest audio stuff in Flash. I had a lot of nice discussions about my session with several people and the sound system was great to show the sound quality of the different audio processors, I’ve developed yet. Loud! I hope to be invited next year as well. I had a great time.

Get ready for classic Acid Tunes in spring 2008 and an incredible new audio application providing all the stuff I have shown somewhere in 2008 within your browser.

What the Flashbelt!

I am back in Germany – tired – but with a lot of memories of an awesome conference. I had a great time in Minneapolis and I felt welcome. All credits and a big thank you to Dave Schroeder, who has accomplished that. Everything ran so smoothly and he took great care of all of us. I hope you enjoyed my session – the feedback was great anyway. Hopefully to see you next year again!


Flashbelt around the corner

Only a few days left towards Flashbeltconference in Minneapolis. And still, we are heavily developing splicemusic – launch date is just around the corner! I will talk about audio programming in flex2, showing a lot of audio experiments and of course giving a depth inside view on the new version of splicemusic. In any case I am sure, that Flashbelt will be an outstanding conference and it is for me the first time visiting the states at all. I still wonder if they let me in…

see also mario’s post

Lack of information about Flex Compiler

Maybe I should calm down a bit, but it is really annoying not to find any adequate resources about flex compiler arguments or even how flex actually works. This time I wonder, if I am able to write compiler arguments into an Application class (like the SWF tag). Otherwise if I want to export a project with slightly different export settings, I had to create a new projects with slightly different compiler arguments and link the source folder to them. What a mess in my workspace!

Please Adobe:
Create more documents on the compiler settings and show AS3 examples as well. MXML is a pain to read.

Generate Accessible SWF does not generate a SWF

I am trying for hours to tell Flex, that I need an accessible SWF of my Flex-Library(There is a checkbox in the Actionscript Compiler options panel). But I only get a SWC file. So what is the deal ? Is there no solution to load a Flex Library at runtime without creating a new Project, where I merge the library into code ? The background is, that I want to exclude various classes with dependencies from my current project and export them into one SWF (without dependent classes) and load them in runtime. I want a simple solution without having XML exclude files or similar attacks on the compiler.

Joa pointed out, that the SWC is actually just a ZIP-file, where the SWF and a XML is included. So I tried to load the unpacked SWF and it seems to be possible, but no Event.COMPLETE or Event.INIT is fired. Now the magic: If I try to get my class after a setTimeout (to be sure the SWF is loaded), I effectively get the class. Furthermore both Events are fired after using getDefinition. How weird is that?

Any suggestions are welcome.

Here were my lovely code (as an Application class) to create a SWF with just one class (unfortunately not possible).

	import flash.display.Sprite;

	[Compiler(include com.domain.package.ClassName)]

	public class LoaderSatisfier extends Sprite
		public function LoaderSatisfier()

The goal were to have an Application class with some Meta-Tags to keep all classes except the certain classes from export into the SWF. What a timesaver!

How cool is Audioprogramming ?

I’am a sound junkey. I can listen to a short sequence for hours, if there are slight modification over time. If you know Phuture “Acid Trax”, than you know, what I am talking about. Now I have my own little toy. My first synthesizer with a random pattern creator and enough knobs to play a long time.

Yes! …drums would be cool… effects and all that stuff… but for me, its complete… just engage in simple waveforms :)

Synthesizer (F9Player and fast computer are required)

I noticed, that this posting has a lot of hits, so why not mentioning, that there are some new toys to play with?

live@popforge | lab audio category | preview of my synthesized 303 (mp3)

update2: audio sources are now open source

AS3 – AudioCycleBuffer

After lots of crashes and frailties, I got today the solution for an audio-cycle-buffer (2047 samples). That means, it is possible to synthesize custom sounds and effects nearly in runtime (delay about 47ms). I have no *BIG* example here right now. Just the first running engine. It has a simple SWF embedded, where an empty wavfile is exported. This SWF will be parsed, modified and reloaded to create the sync- and the permanently changing cycle-buffer-sound. The class Cycle provides switching mono/stereo and 8bit/16bit, yet.

Sidenote to Frank: It’s on you to bring the Roland TB-303 to Flash :-) And I have to mention e-phonic and david. They also tried to find a solution on dynamic sound synthesis in flash with pretty cool results.

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Webflags wm2006

You may have seen the germany flag in the sidebar. I decided to distribute all 32 team flags as webflags. I didn’t care care about soccer yet except worldcup games. But this time, having the wm2006 in germany, I am completely involved. If you join as a fan with a webflag, leave your url in the comments. Any suggestion are welcome.


source | digg it

Stable FPS Test

I tried one more time to get a stable frameRate in browser enviroment and an old workaround works fine for me now (flash9player tested).

//-- pseudo code
lastExitFrameMillis: int

function init(): void
	lastExitFrameMillis = getTimer();
	frameRate = 200;

function onEnterFrameLoop( event: Event ): void
	// execute code
	// [...]

	while( getTimer() - lastExitFrameMillis < 20 ){};

	lastExitFrameMillis = getTimer();

My results:
IE6.0 = 49 FPS
FireFox = 47 FPS

Please test with your system and post you results

Short note (apology to paris)

I miss the flashconference in paris, cause I contract early this week an ugly otitis. I’m still lying in bed and I could imagine, this will continue for some more days. I’m sorry for all the people, who liked to watch my session. This is an exception – I hate to miss such dates.
Thanks for Thibault, who has presented my current AS3 projects, without having anything more than a zip-file. I packed, uploaded the folder and send him a link…and…I lulled back to sleep. So he didn’t know any hints or code location, where to change scenes and properties. But I hope you got the idea.

next time. promised.

sources and demoes will be delivered soon.

Flex2 Beta3 disappointments correction

Related to my previous posting I have to do some corrections. Read Darron Schall and Werner Sharps comments to notice, that the built-in Run-Player isn’t as fast as the release player, that is currently not public available for now. So my comparisons are wrong. I tested the IE plugin and it could be, that it is much faster, than I assume. More to come…

To post something new:
Darron Schall and Claus Wahlers updated their C64 emulator, which is in my opinion the coolest thing ever done with AS3.
Watch the C64 booting ! | flash9 player required

Speaking on flashconference’06 stuttgart

I will give a random insight into my current AS3 projects, including 3D Texturemapping and a new solid physics engine.

From the press notes:
The flashconference has a lively atmosphere: Colleagues give each other a hearty welcome – because it’s good to meet in Stuttgart!
Professionals contact producers and self-assured newcomers make their first contacts. For around three thousand filmmakers, industry experts, media representatives, programmers, and artists, the fmx is a sure mark in their calendars. They come from many countries to see familiar faces, meet friends again, hear the latest news and information, and get the ball rolling on new projects.

AS3 SoundChannel Feature Request

Regarding to this posting I had an idea today to handle SoundChannels in a very effective way. One of my favourite feature in AS3 is the Displaylist, where DisplayObjects can easily added and rejected from a DisplayObjectContainer remaining as intact objects.
So, imagine a SoundChannelList, where SoundChannels can be added as childs into other SoundChannels. Assume that we will have new manipulators as effects and filters as well as the wellknown volume and pan, nested SoundChannels would be effected by their preferences itself as well as the parent SoundChannels.

A SoundChannel with an effect and volume about 50%.
A nested SoundChannel with a volume about 50%.
Results the nested SoundChannel to be played with 25% (related to its waveform volume) and the effect from the parent SoundChannel.

Get the point ? Awesome possebilities !

Missing things TOP3: Graphiccard Acceleration

Calls for graphiccard acceleration for the flashplayer can be dated to over 7 years ago ? Anyway, the fast broadband internet is reality and it’s not necessary to reduce the player size under 1MB or whatever the internal preferences are, anymore. It’s not only about 3D. As a developer, I want to create new effects besides the ‘presets’ in the flashplayer. The new bitmap effects are nice, but too slow to combine them for new effects. With graphiccard acceleration we could source out a lot of computations to have more power on the application site.

It’s not just a feature, its the possebility to extend the player heavily with new effects in actionscript.

Missing things TOP3: SoundBytes

Since AS3 came up with ByteArray and BitmapData.setPixels, I hoped to get also access to the SoundBytes. The deal is simple. If you havn’t an API to make SoundEffects, just write them on your own. I’m sure that AS3 is fast enough to provide some realtime computation, like mixing, sequencing and filtering channels. If not, there is also the possebility to compute things over time. All the other stuff as pitching samples could be added in further flashplayer versions as a player supported API.

To be fair, I think the flash team has adressed this problem and we may get some new possebilities in flash9.

Leaving the projects world

After my current project, I going to spend more time with my cute little daughter Laila Mia. I won’t accept any further jobs. My girlfriend is going to carry on the business part in our familiy. I will keep the house and I may take some sparse time to research some AS3 stuff, where I cannot keep my hands off. After 7 years of programming, I’m really glad about this decision, even cause it is the next big cut in my life.

Thank you all visiting my blog and giving me feedback about my work.

Force new features to AS3

AS3 needs feedback. Macromedia installed a forum about the alpha version of Flex2, but I have the feelings, that it is not really accepted. So, you are a actionscript programmer ?
Force Macromedia (or adobe now) to enhance the new update ! Any voice is welcome.

For me the following things are important:
Sound Enhancements
Speed up getPixel/setPixel

I love AS3 and I don’t want to wait untill Flash9 to create with the power that is obvious now.
I cannot believe, that these are difficult things to solve.

Delay of all tasks

I just want to make sure, that I will post my presentation notes and source codes. I’m currently completly knocked out by an influenza. You better don’t come to close. Thank’s for all your feedback related to the conferences. I’m glad you liked it.

aM@spark photo taken by Carlo Blatz

aM@spark photo taken by Carlo Blatz

Thanks Korea !

I’ve just arrived at my hotel and will start the next part of my journey tomorrow to amsterdam speaking at spark europe. I really had a great time in korea and I just want to say ‘Thank you’ to all koreans and all other participants and speakers for joining MAX Korea 2005 especially my session. I would love to come back anytime in future. Not to forget: the sources will be posted in a few days right here, when I’m back to germany.

Hope to see you at the spark conference.

Off to Korea – Amsterdam

I’m packing my bag, hopefully not to forget anything I need the next days. Tomorrow at 13:10 I will arrive in Amsterdam and have a stay for 4 hours, before leaving to korea. If you are bored and domiciled near the airport, just stay with me for a beer :)
I don’t know who is in korea on saturday allready and I don’t know if my mobile will operate there. If so, just give me a call: +49(0)xxx xxx 6537
If not, I will rent a mobile for the time. Leave a blog comment with your cell number or write an email: andre.michelle[at] I hope that I will be able to get my emails in my hotel. I’m really exciting about my journey to korea and the upcoming conferences. Yeah yeah yeah !

Trust eclipse ?

After 3 hours of recovering and decompiling, I’m up to the state, which I left before I switched to eclipse. What was happend ? I don’t know exactly. I have coded my current project (after all 6 days of work) in scite and decided to work in eclipse, where I created a new actionscript project with asdt. I got an error message and after restarting eclipse, all my files are deleted, even the backups. I scanned my computer for any file and found nothing. Kind of heart attack. I could recover 100% of the FLAs, but only one actionscript class. The rest comes back by using a decompiler. Never thought, that I will love this tool.

I cannot say, that this could be happend to any users, but I won’t play with eclipse any longer. Time to make serious thoughts about a CVS and better backup systems. Well, 2 days left for the presentation. Back to work.

Do not register to flasheurope

I didn’t participate the discussion about flasheurope yet, but it seems for now, that the organisers embezzles the money of the registrations. This is at least about 304 Euro each person in the early registration phase. Do not transfer your money to them !
I don’t know if this was planned from the very first. I have spoken with Harold in September and I didn’t noticed any criminal power.

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Stop making things complicated

Never noticed such an hysteria in my 6 years flash time. The news bomb today was quite the fusion from adobe and macromedia. Most people are scared, thinking about if they can still work on their familiar applications in future. I say, stop thinking about. Nobody can change the whole world in just one day, but it will change anyway. For me, I’m going to avoid reading postings or articles about this issue. Try to think positive or/and write an email with your suggestions to adobe.

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Actionscript Highlighter for WordPress

I really like wordpress. Never saw something to install that simple.
I also found a code highlighter plugin, which supports Actionscript.
Now I am using CodeHighlighter.

To show, how it works, here is a little codesnippet I found in a c++ code for getting Array Entries by pairs:

function connectIndices( array: Array ): Void
	var i: Number;
	var j: Number;
	var a: Number = array.length;

	for( j = a - 1, i = 0 ; i < a ; j = i, i++ )
		trace( [i,j] );

//-- Outputs

You need this frequently when connecting points of a polygon as segments. It's currently the fastest solution I found for this problem. ok. Actionscript highlighting works fine :)

rerere – design – build – fract

I switched to wordpress 1.5 and I’m changing everything from my site step my step from now on. I’m not a designer, so it take hours of testing untill I’m satisfied with my designwork. In blogs case I will leave it by default as long as I will grap an evening to try some new layouts. If you think, there are important links missing on the right panel, just leave me a note.