Tonfall – Open Source Audio Framework

Tonfall is an opensource audio framework for Actionscript I have written for the Audio Code Clash Workshop at Flash on the beach to provide an entry point for the attendees on that subject.

Tonfall is not meant to be a fully implemented audio engine but you may learn a lot about signal processing and sequencing in common. It covers most questions I am receiving by email and is not that far away from the audio engine we use in Audiotool.


  • Holding a list of processors and time information
  • SignalProcessor for audio generation taking TimeEvents (like notes) into account
  • Design Pattern to process polyphonic audio generation (e.g. synthesizer)
  • Static Delay as a template for other effects
  • Note to frequency mapping
  • WavFile Encoder
  • Samples of the Casio RZ1 drumcomputer
  • AmenBreak sample
  • Super Mario playing Sequencer
  • Fully launchable Metronome (Hello World of Audio DSP)
  • Simple implementation of ToneMatrix

Tonfall is built with FDT 4.0, which I highly recommended. I checked-in the project files as well to let you compile right away.

I also highly recommend to check out Justin Windle‘s AS3 Particle Node Sequencer, which is based on Tonfall and a very nice implementation of what you can do with it. Thanks again Justin!

Trip to the states Flash on Tap & Flashbelt

Time flies! Yet two weeks and I am heading towards Boston to speak at Flash on tap.
Lucky me, Flashbelt in just one week ahead then. Thus I decided to stay in the states and try to find a way from Boston to Minneapolis with my colleague Alan Ross. It is more than 2.000 km, so I am pretty sure, there are a lot of things that we should visit on our way.
(Any suggestion where to rent a car for the trip?)

We are free for proposals. I am personally more interested in nature than visiting big American cities, but if you live nearby our route and offer food and accommodation we could hang around for some beers and chat.

FFK09 Karplus Strong Sources

As promised here are the sources from the 10 Hot Minutes session, where I presented a very simple Karplus-Strong algorithm implementation.

More sources from the session Boing Bumm Tschak can be downloaded here.

Endless Karplus Strong – Click to feed noise:

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An enhanced version emulating a guitar can be found here.
It is basically the same code as above!

John Davey was able to make a very nice shot from Mario and me. Great conference indeed.

Andre & Mario

FDT Roadshow in Harvard

This is some location, right? Don’t miss it for any reason – it is totally for free to join us!


2:00pm – Introduction
2:10pm – Marcel Fahle – smart video streaming
2:40pm – Marcel Fahle – Boost your Workflows
3:15pm – Michael Plank – Web- and Desktop Applications
4:15pm – Chris Allen – Red5 in action
5:15pm – André Michelle – Making noise in Harvard
6:30pm – approximate end of the event
7:30pm a.k.a. „beer-thrity“ – party time


Tsai Auditorium (S010), Center for Government and International Studies, Harvard University, 1730 Cambridge St., Cambridge, MA, 02138

Taking place in Boston on October 7th, 2008

FOTB08 Sildes and Sources

Back in Germany, where it is much colder than in Brighton, I compiled the sources and slides as promised. Thanks everyone, who attended my session and for the overall good feedback on our work at Hobnox. It was a amazing experience to have a talk in The Dome. I also enjoyed a lot of other sessions. Flash on the Beach has become one of my favorite conference.

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