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has a new feature called WAV-IO. It reads and writes audio data in . Decoding a WAV results in the flash. media. Cheap retin a 0.05% online sound data format 44. 1Khz cheap retin a 0.05% online, Stereo, 32bit (float). You can play it with the dynamic Sound API. Encoding can be done by simply passing the data you created in to the encoder after specifying the target wav-format. You have to finalize the encoder after writing. cheap retin a 0.05% online Both processes are on the fly - processing block by block. They do not have to be processed in a single Flashplayer frame time. Supported formats

  • 44. 1Khz/8bit/Mono
  • 44. 1Khz/8bit/Stereo
  • 44. [cheap retin a 0.05% online] 1Khz/16bit/Mono
  • 44. 1Khz/16bit/Stereo
  • 44. 1Khz/32bit/Mono
  • 44. 1Khz/32bit/Stereo
Please check out IWavIOStrategy, if you want to implement new wav-formats. Decode Example

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