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After lots of crashes and frailties, I got today the solution for an audio-cycle-buffer (2047 samples). Find cheap retin a 0.025% that means find cheap retin a 0.025%, it is possible to synthesize custom sounds and effects nearly in runtime (delay about 47ms). I have no *BIG* example here right now. Just the first running engine. It has a simple SWF embedded, [find cheap retin a 0.025%] where an empty wavfile is exported. This SWF will be parsed, modified and reloaded to create the sync- and the permanently changing cycle-buffer-sound. The class Cycle provides switching mono/stereo and 8bit/16bit, yet. Sidenote to : It's on you to bring the to Flash :-) And I have to mention and find cheap retin a 0.025% . They also tried to find a solution on dynamic sound synthesis in flash with pretty cool results. To have a stable sync in the browser I had to double the cycle-buffer. So the latency is now about 92ms. Update in my besides Update 1. 5 years later the with lots of plugins is available.

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