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As promised on the here are the , [free retin a 0.05%] where I demonstrated some flash8 bitmapmanipulation and effects with. The package provides both sessions: Natural Born Filters and the Flash3d part. Not all FLAs have commented code, so here are some instructions: Download the ZIP and extract it to a folder. Some FLAs need the class files in the src-folder. The paths are relativ, but couldn't be found, while exporting directly from the ZIP. I have put the gradient bitmap (green-blue) to make your own displacementMaps into the image_manipulation folder. To load a free retin a 0.05% 3dmodel into the , type one of the *. ASE files with or without extension into the Textinputfield and hit Enter. The ASE Parser provides only one model each file. If you are using your own model free retin a 0.05%, please make sure, that it fits between both z-planes, which can be adjusted in the first frame actionscript. Texture coordinates are also parsed, but you have to apply the texture image manually. Free retin a 0.05% just play with it. I hope to make a tutorial about the displacementMap stuff after the upcoming conferences. Thanks to all participants of the tour. It was a great time and I hope to see much of you in as well ! More flash8 examples are located .

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