Flash on Tap postponed – Still coming to Boston for FDT Roadshow

Flash on Tap is rescheduled on next year. However the powerflasher guys let me fly to Boston for their FDT World Roadshow Prelude. So after canceling the actual conference in the last minute a new conference is born in no time. I am pretty sure, it will turn out best. Welcome to the FDT World … Continue reading “Flash on Tap postponed – Still coming to Boston for FDT Roadshow”

FDT 3.0 finally announced!

Finally finally finally! No more annoying flex bugs! Powerflasher announces their fabulous tool FDT for Actionscript 3.0. I cannot count the days, I wait for this announcement. I really repressed my aversion about flex 2.0. It is killing my workflow almost every day and has no nice helping functionality for fast development as FDT. Furthermore … Continue reading “FDT 3.0 finally announced!”

More information about FDT – Flash Development Tool

powerflasher launched a site for FDT to provide essential information about the new eclipse plugin. A forum is also be presented. FDT will be available at the end of july as a commercial product. The pricing is not fixed yet. the FDT-Site went online today. You will find release information, a full feature list with … Continue reading “More information about FDT – Flash Development Tool”

FDT – not just another eclipse plugin !

powerflasher has developed an eclipse plugin for actionscript the last six months and it is currently entering the beta phase. I’m working with fdt for three days now and I can say that this is a killer plugin. Never thought, that any eclipse plugin for actionscript could be that intelligent. It saves a lot of … Continue reading “FDT – not just another eclipse plugin !”

Tonfall – Open Source Audio Framework

Tonfall is an opensource audio framework for Actionscript I have written for the Audio Code Clash Workshop at Flash on the beach to provide an entry point for the attendees on that subject. Tonfall is not meant to be a fully implemented audio engine but you may learn a lot about signal processing and sequencing … Continue reading “Tonfall – Open Source Audio Framework”


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