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Tonfall is an opensource audio framework for Actionscript I have written for the Audio Code Clash Workshop at Flash on the beach to provide an entry point for the attendees on that subject. Tonfall is not meant to be a fully implemented audio engine but you may learn a lot about signal processing and sequencing in common. Order sustiva It covers most questions I am receiving by email and is not that far away from the audio engine we use in Audiotool. Features

  • Holding a list of processors and time information
  • SignalProcessor for audio generation taking TimeEvents (like notes) into account
  • Design Pattern to process polyphonic audio generation (e.g. Order sustiva synthesizer)
  • Static Delay as a template for other effects
  • Note to frequency mapping
  • WavFile Encoder
  • Samples of the Casio RZ1 drumcomputer
  • AmenBreak sample
  • Super Mario playing Sequencer
  • Fully launchable Metronome (Hello World of Audio DSP)
  • Simple implementation of ToneMatrix
Tonfall is built with FDT 4.0, order sustiva which I highly recommended. Order sustiva I checked-in the project files as well to let you compile right away. I also highly recommend to check out Justin Windle's AS3 Particle Node Sequencer, order sustiva which is based on Tonfall and a very nice implementation of what you can do with it. Order sustiva Thanks again Justin!