AS3 Perspective Texturemapping

This is the first step of a long journey. The example parses 3ds (3dmax) files and renders the scene pixel by pixel with a ‘real’ zBuffer for exact z-Sorting and a simple distance shading. There is a lot of space to increase performance. The most problem is drawing the pixels on the screen. The calculation of 236 faces connecting 190 vertices while clipping at the front plane is no performance problem. Commenting out the setPixel row, increases the FPS to 120.

Note: This example requires FlashPlayer 8.5

perspective texturemapping part 1 | based on Mikael Kalms 1997

47 thoughts on “AS3 Perspective Texturemapping”

  1. today I was thinking when it will be available first AS3 example to parse some 3D file format and render :) and it was after few hours.

    Andre, respect :)

  2. wow that’s just insane André — do you parse the 3DS at runtime in that example or do you first convert to some sort of XML format?

  3. I’ve loaded the 3ds file as a binary into the URLLoader and parse it in runtime. This is really work, I don’t want to do :)
    But I could imagine, that will have a lot of parsing classes for several formats in future.
    Cannot wait for a swf-parser and swf-builder(!).

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  5. Installed Flash Player 8.5 for OS X
    but this doesn’t work on mac
    np with winxp
    anyway very nice sample
    thank you

  6. hello…..

    can anyone help me enter data into mysql database
    from a flash form using coldfusion components ?

    i’m using web services and simply want to pass data from my flash form to my cfc while staying in flash…

    any actionscript (or coldfusion code ‘cfc’) that anyone could provide or even links to other ressources on this specific topic would be awesome…

    if someone could help me with this process i would be greatful…..

    thank you in advance…

    Imran Hashmi

  7. Andre, your demo here worked in player 8.5 alpha, but it doesn’t work in player 8.5 beta!

    I hope that can be fixed with a simple recompilation…

  8. I cannot find the sources of this sample. Did you publish it yet??

    P.D.: Seems AS3 is as fast as Java!?!?! Incredible.

  9. i got those error messages:

    VerifyError: Error #1014: Klasse flash.display::TextField wurde nicht gefunden.
    ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable Main_Texture ist nicht definiert.
    ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable Main ist nicht definiert.

    mozilla 1.0.7 on xp pro with 9

  10. How the hell you got that out of Flex 2 I may never know. Could you try changing the bitmaps out with a cubic panorama? If I’m not mistaken you’ve invented the worlds first full 3D flash panorama viewer. In which case I’ll be a very happy bunny.

  11. It seems like you should have kept this new theme closed-source until a couple of weeks before the 5.0 launch… (don’t know if that was possible at all?) However, I definitely feel it’s not drupal that made a mistake here, but the wordpress team.

  12. Rendering no doubt gives good quality, but if the same goes wrong even more troubles could be faced and the video quality is completely lost. So, if one does it extreme care has to be taken and most importantly sufficient time & effort is to be put at it.

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