Months ago, I was invited by a berlin agency exozet coding a 3d isocube menu in flash7. Now it’s finally online and looks very nice. Even though they work heavily with alpha blendings. So it could slow down your computer. The website also provides a video streaming system similar to normal tv program. check out ‘bunchTV’ (need to register). Congrats to the development team. Nice work!

Be transgressive. Like DESPERADOS.
It’s in german, but most items are in english, so you won’t get lost.

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  1. That has a very high cool factor:) It’s nice to see 3d/iso code so creatively applied to a usuable, real-world flash piece. It’ll leave a lot of people saying “why didn’t I think of that”. Great work.

  2. I concur, nice work on this one. I like when cool stuff like this is used in a way that makes sense. We are about 20 light years from the cool stuff back in praystation days.

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