7 thoughts on “Hello Korea !”

  1. It’s cool. I’m looking forward to seeing you at conference. Even though I’m not sure whether I can be there or not.
    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the first travel in Korea.
    I’m a big fan of your gamepackage.

  2. Good news! Maybe we could have some type of informal get-together before the conference, something like that? (The conference starts on Tuesday, but I’ll be arriving on the weekend.)

    Maybe meet for some soju and anju, or at a beerhall before the event, something like that, what do you think…?

    (Andre, you’ll have to leave right after the conference in order to make it back to Amsterdam in time, it looks like?)


  3. Lucky you, congratulations
    Unlucky me missed Flashforum Tour…
    Are there any other events this year happening? Close to Ljubljana would be excellent :)

  4. Congratulations Andre(???)!
    Looking forward to seeing you here at the conference. That’s cool you can make it.
    John’s made a good suggestion about the Soju and Anju, maybe i can join in.^^
    pls. feel free to contact me if you need a second opinion about Seoul.
    see you soon,

  5. congrats dr.d
    join your trip and remember while entcrypting korean infoboards: real men dont need instructions.
    cu. mo.

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