I become a tutor in flash gamedevelopment

Now, it’s official – I will work as a tutor on the private academy L4 in berlin. After accompany a class to their intermediate examination in june, i will inherit a new class to teach new stuff while a complete study course. My part is flash actionscript game development and I hope to realize some nice projects with my students. The students also learn game design, real 3D programming and concepting games.

game flyer l4 – german

9 thoughts on “I become a tutor in flash gamedevelopment”

  1. Wow. Dude, congratulations, seriously. I wish you the best of luck in dealing with those damn brats!

    Seriously though, I’m also happy for them to having a guy as good as you onboard. Good luck again.

  2. I wish to speak German and of course to be student again… but unfortunatelly I don’t speak German and I’m almost 30…:(

    Good luck and keep the good work up!

  3. any chance of you video taping your classes, and sell it as an training material? i know i’d pay for something like that.

  4. erstmal glückwunsch =)
    hm,hört sich gut an,bin neugierig geworden,kannst du da mal ein paar mehr infos rauslassen?
    Hatte mir auch so schon übverlegt eine game development bezogene ausbildung zu machen,leider ist die Auswahl im nicht Privatschulbereich da ja rar in Deutschland,dass du da nen Kurs abhälst,macht mir den Kurs doch sehr schmackhaft :D

  5. Hello sir,
    I am a begineer student in flash Development. I want to some of help from ur team. I am a college Student, Doing BCA from IGNOU University. Can i get the free begineer/Advanced Audio/Video DEMO Flash help tutor from our side, to start my career in flash?

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