I’m mentioned in wikipedia – check our 8bitboy !

I checked my referres and found one from a wikipedia article about the mod-format. That’s cool, since I have found a lot of usefull information about amiga-mods while developing the Super Mario Modplayer. Okay, to be up to date: Check out the preview of our 8bitboy for the web. Thanks Andre Stubbe for the design and Joa Ebert for the initial idea and his Modparser. We are currently implementing the missing effects and hope to finish the player and the appendant website this month. I’m also planning a flex-library(swc) to provide implementing the player in your own projects. Even a complete buffering of a song rather than runtime rendering will be supported to save performance while playing.

Note: This is a preview-version. Not all songs are rendered as they were originally designed.

21 thoughts on “I’m mentioned in wikipedia – check our 8bitboy !”

  1. That´s just so cool!! Finally we´ll be able to play back the best music format ever, in flash :)
    Great work guys, as always! Looking forward to try this!

  2. great work !
    i am listening since 2 days nothing else !
    thanks for making it possible to listen to this cool nostalgic chunes !

    do i asking to much ? woud it by possible to make an OFFline version ? my net connection is awfull :(
    but woud like to listen all the time ;)
    (yeh even for such smale files :( :( )

    Even a complete buffering of a song rather than runtime rendering will be supported to save performance while playing.

    what ? this thing is runing by me whit an avrage of 0% cpu

    if you can make this better like -1% :p
    it woud by amazing !!!

  3. Wow…
    I just get down on my kneez…
    I alwayz wanted somethin’ like that…

    I dreamed it (specialy when i started makin’ flashwebsites, when the common bandwith was like 56ko, i was wondering “how to load mods in flash, it could b so light versus an mp3” but at this time it was flash3) and now it’s in front of me…

    Greaaaaaaaaaaat !!!

    Now, “flashtros” will get a real competion interest, the tiniest swf with the tiniest mod, and the best demo :)

    My As is unfortunatly sooo poor (just usin’ as1 and sometimez 2) … but i hope that one day i’ll b able to understand the code if one day someone release the source of a “mod replay routine” for flash…

    It’s… it’s just waaaaaaaaaaaow…

  4. Wow! Very good!!
    If you put extended buffering, will sound better on Macintosh. When CPU becomes occupied by another program, then sometimes the song is stuck in a time loop. Then it seems out of sync, only for a second. MOD in flash, amazing!!

  5. Hey!

    OK – It’s been 9 month now, and Flash CS3 is out.

    Please let us have the source (.fla) to 8bitboy…

    I would gladly pay and am sure thousands others would for you to update it to support .s3m, .it, etc…

    Thanks so much and PLEASE CONTINUE!


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