New project and my new TB-303

Today my TB-303 arrived and I cannot wait to analyse this amazing little device, that changed the way of listen to music in my opinion. There is a good reason why I am doing this. I started a new project at hobnox in cologne (germany), designing a new audio engine mixing up old and new ways of synthesizing sounds together. The TB-303 obviously is my favorite. Just in time for the flashconference in cologne (it was great by the way) I could enhance the quality of my flash 303 clone highly. Thanks to Mike from Audiorealism for his valued hints.

Remember 1992 when Hardfloor released one of their best Acidtechno track “Acperience 1” ? Listen to that demonstration, I recorded live from the flashplayer. 3 TB-303 with a TR-909 (just one pattern) playing well together at 10 (in words ten) percent CPU!

I am sorry to tell you, that you have to wait until the new application will launch (summer 08).

Acid will revive – in your browser!

Here is another oldschool 303 pattern with some effects

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