12 thoughts on “130bpm”

  1. Hi Andre, I too am a fellow serato fan. I was wondering, any chance you could invite me into soundcloud? been after an invite to that site :)

  2. Great Sound. I love Electro. Have heard Booka Shade last month in munich, it was great.

    Btw. are there any playlists for songs created by Hobnox-Audio-Tool, would like to hear some flash-based-miniml ;-=

  3. how hackable and open is serato scratch live?

    i’m making a purchase but i am torn between serato scratch live and stanton open scratch?

  4. just finished listening to your mix.

    i really enjoyed the ‘slam – posotive education’ towards the end…

    i havn’t heard that track in ages, its a classic… thanks for reminding me how cool that was…

  5. It’s cool, but my memory doesn’t stop to increase. > 200 MB in Plugin Container…my computer hangs (Firefox Debug Player?)

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