Adobe – Make some noise!

I am back from FITC, a great conference first time organized in Amsterdam. Thanks for all the feedback regarding our new audio application. I think you all get the point, that we are very serious about doing a reasonable online music software with Flash. So everyone who was lucky to get one of the t-shirts: Please do us a favour. Make a picture of yours wearing the shirt, post it in the comments or even better send directly an email to Adobe attaching your message.

Adobe – Make some noise! We need native sound support as soon as possible!

Check out Joa Eberts first RMX, recorded live with our AudioTool!

7 thoughts on “Adobe – Make some noise!”

  1. Hi,

    I love music, I love Flash, I need to love actionsscript but dont yet ;(

    So I think Im going to register to check out the new audio apps.. you mention.

    Ive also been to Colin actionscript seminar, now got pain my ass and really feel like a loser ;o)

  2. Very, very inspiring session from you at FITC. As a music lover/producer and an actionscript developer myself, I followed your progress, and I have to say I’m very excited about Hobnox. I’m wearing the t-shirt right now ;)

    Keep up the awesome work, and I really hope Adobe fixes this soon.

  3. Andre,

    Can you explain exactly what features you are requesting for the Flash player. I heard you mention fixing the onSoundComplete method in your session. But what other features are you looking for. I’ll make sure that I get your requests directly to the Flash team.

    Lee Brimelow

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