2 thoughts on “Colin Moock Tour in Germany”

  1. I attended this with peers from our multimedia dept, and it was quite informative. This session really helped me see the changes with AS3 (A LOT HAS CHANGED AS YOU ALL KNOW), specifically the display class or container. obviously I need a review.

    Moock is around my age and soooooo genius, he really has a great understanding of core rudaments with this language (and his Adobe connections really come in handy as well).

    He’ll be giving out vouchers for his book AS3 Essentials …

    WORTHWHILE TIP: Bring a 6-pack of Coke (aluminum cans are his preferred choice) and wait for that right moment (usually after lunch) when he offers a voucher for a canned soda! Hey thats a $60 USD value.

  2. Hi andre mechelle, How could I contact you for talking about my flash work? Do you have msn, google talk or have any phone number to contact?

    please email to me, thanks.

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