Hobnox AudioTool Update ahead

Hobnox announcement

The news have been floating within team Hobnox for some time now and we can finally announce the news about the update of the Audiotool Beta that we’re about to roll out in the upcoming days. We’re still waiting for Adobe to release the new Flash Player but will share the details with you anyway. Speaking of Adobe, it really looks like the ‘Make Some Noise’ campaign was successful as you’ll read below and that Adobe finally managed to make some noise. Nice. Thanks to everyone who supported the developers.

New Features

  • Java applet is removed. Entire signal flow including sound output done in Flash
  • Complete refactoring of the CoreAudio programming
  • Optimized all plugins DSP code
  • Live session recording – Vorbis encoding – Hobnox Library upload
  • Plugin Shelf – add/remove plugins at runtime
  • New Plugins: Slope, Gate, Phaser, Merger, Splitter
  • Short overview of all features on startup

The Future

  • Sequencer (Notes, Automation, AudioTracks)
  • Remix stuff – Collaboration

We are set
I am quite sure we can launch our update the same day the Flash Player 10 ships.
We are probably the first forcing the user to upgrade to Flash Player 10. But I am also sure nobody will refuse.


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  1. Hobnox is great and even more interesting to see it run in Flash completely.

    Some super coding there guys!

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