ToneMatrix arrived in Hobnox AudioTool

Okay, we did it. The same simple ToneMatrix is now implemented in the Hobnox AudioTool. To be honest, I wish we had more time to add more features to it, but at least you can mix now the little cute toy with drumcomputers, the bassline and add a couple of effects. Furthermore, as a registered user of Hobnox you are able to record your session and upload it in the community.

Some new features besides:

  1. Better performance while scaling the desktop
  2. Autoconnect (Removing an effect device will connect the source and the target automatically

Alongside we have completely rewritten the audio engine form the scratch, which is not part of the update. This already allows us to add automation and modulation. The audio event system is running with its own garbage collection, pooling all events to reduce glitches from the real garbage collection.
Furthermore there is event postprocessing (Ever heard a super-mario midi file shuffling?). We are working hard to make 1.0 a serious application. I cannot wait to see, what you guys will do with all that new stuff.

Listen to what our team member Alan Ross did with it:

18 thoughts on “ToneMatrix arrived in Hobnox AudioTool”

  1. Feature request: the ability to shift everything left or right. (any data that is pushed outside the matrix wraps around to the start/end.)

  2. ya…sweet..u even got deep base!

    i have been forwarding this to some of my dj friends…awesome creation

    much radiant expression


  3. the composition is nice and the tonematrix sounds great.. (reminds me of the electroplankton game for the Nintendo DS)

    the heavy compression makes it uncomfortable to listen to the somg though.. (especially when the deep base kicks in)

    Loudness War?

  4. Pure design, hi-fidelity sound, hi-end flash programming.

    P.S Please make hobnox audiotool only one thing: Profiles. So users can save workplace(workspace). Thx. Love Hobnox!

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