Tonfall – Open Source Audio Framework

Tonfall is an opensource audio framework for Actionscript I have written for the Audio Code Clash Workshop at Flash on the beach to provide an entry point for the attendees on that subject.

Tonfall is not meant to be a fully implemented audio engine but you may learn a lot about signal processing and sequencing in common. It covers most questions I am receiving by email and is not that far away from the audio engine we use in Audiotool.


  • Holding a list of processors and time information
  • SignalProcessor for audio generation taking TimeEvents (like notes) into account
  • Design Pattern to process polyphonic audio generation (e.g. synthesizer)
  • Static Delay as a template for other effects
  • Note to frequency mapping
  • WavFile Encoder
  • Samples of the Casio RZ1 drumcomputer
  • AmenBreak sample
  • Super Mario playing Sequencer
  • Fully launchable Metronome (Hello World of Audio DSP)
  • Simple implementation of ToneMatrix

Tonfall is built with FDT 4.0, which I highly recommended. I checked-in the project files as well to let you compile right away.

I also highly recommend to check out Justin Windle‘s AS3 Particle Node Sequencer, which is based on Tonfall and a very nice implementation of what you can do with it. Thanks again Justin!

20 thoughts on “Tonfall – Open Source Audio Framework”

  1. Thanks for releasing this Andre. Do you think it would be possible to use Tonfall to do some simple live DSP audio processing (using microphone/line input)?

  2. This looks really interesting, but I can’t seem to find any way of downloading this form the google code page..
    Is it just me, or are there no downloads on the page? Seems a bit un-handy to download all the .as files one by one :)

  3. Ok, figured it out – thanks!
    SVN-Clients look very smart :)

    I would still like just a package to download from the “download” tab in google code – but that’s just me;)

  4. FL909 was great. I hope you can show us a drum machine example with tonfall this time. can’t work out how to implement a sample processor :(

  5. Hey,
    I am trying to compose a 5 minute piece of computer music for my college class and was interested in using Tonfall for the project. I was wondering if there was a guide or tutorial to get me started with learning and practicing with the framework. Thanks for the help.

  6. Hi,

    Would you like to give me one example of how to use your WavEncoder to encode a byte array ? I found your in demo folder but I can not use it to encode my byte array. In this example, you only encode generated amplitudes.

    My situation is like this :
    – I use Microphone to record voice.
    – I save recorded voice to a bytes array.
    Now I want to encode that bytes array.

    Thank you so much in advance.

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