ZwanzigZehn – TwentyTen

Happy new year everybody!

This will be a big year for me and the Audiotool team. After a long time of research, refactoring, conception, politics, rethinking and building frameworks of any kind, we will finally launch V1.0. We also expect to update the application in a more frequent manner 2010 since we are safe on core technologies as far as the Flashplayer is capable of. Flash is indeed the most widespread browser plugin, but actually the worst choice for a music application. You decide soon – if we did the necessary magic. In any case I hope, that the project will be a success so Adobe feels the need to enhance the Sound API in Flash11 again (Vorbis, Latency, Midi,..).

Thanks to:
Joa Ebert, Kai-Philipp Schöllmann, Alan Ross, Andre Stubbe, Philipp Granzin, Axel Philipsenburg and to all organizing forces beyond us. You guys are simply amazing!

I have never been so busy and occupied by a project in my coding life. I am sorry for all the unanswered emails and the lack of posts on my blog in 2009.

4 thoughts on “ZwanzigZehn – TwentyTen”

  1. Looking forward to seeing hobnox 1.0! Late in 2009 I started work on a basic AS3 sequencer myself, I hope to clean it up, and post something about it sooner than later. I’d like to see is a Flash API for accessing USB devices (midi keyboards), but I doubt that’ll be possible strictly within the browser anytime soon. Cheers!

  2. Happy New Year!

    Awaiting amazing work as always

    Gutes Glück mit der neuen Version von Audiotool! ^_^

  3. Keep up the hard and amazing work! Congratulations on what you have achieved so far. Audiotool is absolutely brilliant.

    Best wishes for 2010.

    (I’d love to see an instrument based on your Karplus-Strong implementation. And one small addition to the Kobold mixer: Solo and Mute controls)

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