Officially Temporary Closed

Over the last months I was watching myself surfing to my own blog hoping that I have written something new. I have not. The last months were filled with a lot of work in serving new technologies. Joa did quite a job on moving Audiotool to various platforms and there was not much time for new experiments or research. Besides providing general information and conference dates – talking about new stuff was the actual reason for this blog. However moving to new technologies means rewriting existing code to other languages. I could talk about the current situation as a developer. It might not be the easiest time, but even it was easy to target the only reasonable platform Flash in the past, the new options and possibilities are very promising.

To make it short: I’ll be back – probably in a different format than a blog.

And still there are Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Audiotool for your entertainment.

Thanks for reading since 2005!

5 thoughts on “Officially Temporary Closed”

  1. Does this mean that Andre Michelle as a flash guru is not the appropriate way to call you? Focusing more out of Flash?
    Checkout our application: if you have some time. I hope you like the result, made by Flash of course.

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