Away3D – A 3d demo convinces entirely

We all know the current hype on papervision3d and I really admire the effort the whole team put into it. However I spend a lot of time talking to Fabrice Closier on the last Flash conferences and he pointed me to their latest demo. He almost let me forget, that we all still need to deal with linear texture mapping in Flash. The perspective texture correction is so convincing, I am really impressed. It is actually very difficult to keep control of it, while moving the camera close to polygons. So keep an eye on this engine as well. Great work, Fabrice!

Away3D | Papervision3D

flashfisix released

ozmic66 (flashkit username) releases the long expected physics engine Fisix.

The Fisix Engine is a 2D verlet physics engine for Flash. It is written completely in AS3 in order to make use of flash player 9’s improved cpu capabilities. Although Flash is still slower than platforms such as c/c++, or java, which means that you most likely won’t be able to make the next Half-Life in flash, it doesn’t mean you can’t do really cool stuff with 2D particles, constraints, rigid bodies, etc. and make great looking games and simulations.

Also open source but undocumented: {popshapes} & {revive} on my lab.

1bit wonder

1bit wonder

Why we run 1bit wonder
‘Cause we like music. Not just electronic stuff, but all kinds of music. With 1bit wonder, we want to release what we think the world should have a chance to listen to. Style doesn’t matter. It’s just about our sense of good taste.

I’m just listening to the ‘Celebration Compilation #2’. Great minimalistic music!

Another Gooify

grant skinner has done this already and I tried it before, but got lost. I wanted a solution where the displacement output is rendered onto the source image. This would be more fluid, cause you could move pixels endless in the bitmap. But after grants post, I tried another solution, which appears to be the same as grants one. here is the source to play with.
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Post your links

Can you satisfy my appetite of links to really nice made flash playgrounds and games ?
My personal feeling is that there are no new sites released the last time (years?) besides the long-established ones. On the other hand my list of blogs increases every day. Possible that the (frontend-) features of Flash7(-) do not entertain anymore. Surely eightball will reactivate our spirit of research. If you have links to mention in the sidebar link groups, do not hesitate to comment this post. Processing, Java, Shockwave files are also welcome.